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Friday, 7 October 2016


Conservative governments have railed against councils sitting on excessive reserves.
Last week the Dame and some of her financially savvy 'ladies' attended the Audit Committee

To their astonishment, they learned the Rotten Borough sits on some £300 million of usable reserves! 
It's been accumulated through over taxation and flogging off the family silver
£300 Million of OUR MONEY
You can see the detail HERE

Listed first on the website is the quaintly named "Audit and Transparency Committee" Public Agenda for its meeting on 29th September. 

The document is a treasure trove of information of interest to residents. 
One particularly amusing comment is that RBKC considers all sums of residents’ funds of £500,000 or less - "trivial."
RBKC's equally entertaining Accounts 2015/16 are third on the website list.”


  1. Needed to pay for the Elizabeth Line station at Kensal that they have not got a cat in hell's chance of getting. Along with Crossrail 2 in Chelsea.

  2. Also needed to fund the building of classroom space for the elite private Notting Hill Prep school in the new North Kensington library building:

  3. This one is not the fault of Mr Holgate. The Tory Councillors set the precept (the rate of tax). They like to keep a good buffer in the piggy bank so that they can splurge on vanity projects eg £120k for an Anthony Gormley "statue" on the roof of Holland Park School.

    To passing residents this "statue" looks like a peice of rusty metal.


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