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Friday, 7 October 2016


Who is the obnoxious bully attempting to close down a Chelsea institution?
The Dame demands names be named!
The Chelsea Society has written this terrific defence of the Club. 
Well done, the Chelsea Society.

For well over a hundred years Chelsea has provided homes and studios and social life for some of the world’s greatest artists, including Turner, Millais, Holman Hunt, Munnings, Sargent, Augustus John, Burne-Jones, Whistler, Rossetti, and many others.
Today the artistic community has lost some of the vitality which it had in its greatest years – but it still survives.  Everyone has heard of the Chelsea Arts Club, which not only survives but embodies to this day the special charm and character of Chelsea, which The Chelsea Society is committed to support and enhance.
Less well known is the London Sketch Club, which has been the home of graphic artists and illustrators for more than a century. Some of its best known members included H.M. Bateman, Heath Robinson, Harry Rowntree, Frank Reynolds, Baden-Powell, Terence Cuneo, and Tom Browne (who created the “Johnny Walker” character).  The Club moved to its present home in Dilke Street in 1957.
Every Friday evening from October to May the members get together in their studio cum-clubhouse cum-dining room and they draw and paint for two hours.  The works are then pinned on the walls and a lively discussion ensues over bread, cheese and ample supplies of wine and beer.   Over many years the social life of the Club was enlivened by Charlie Chaplin, Stanley Holloway, Victor MaClure, Cyril Fletcher, Philip Harben, Max Jaffa, and many others, who were delighted to be associated with the Club.  Going into the Sketch Club is like entering a time-warp.  It remains one of London’s best kept secrets and forms a link with the artists, illustrators and writers of a century ago.
But – the social life of the Sketch Club is now under threat from an individual who has bought a house next door.  He moved next to the Club when he knew or ought to have known what it was – making a considerable noise during his refurbishment works and then started to object to the members playing their piano, singing and doing what they have always done.  The other neighbours understand and value the important contribution which the Club makes to their community, and we have heard no complaints from them.
This individual has even persuaded the Council to issue a noise-abatement notice, and is trying to get the Club’s licence revoked.  
We hope he fails, and that he begins to understand what kind of place Chelsea is – or moves away to a place which is more consistent with his own lifestyle.


  1. Curious to see who the neighbour who was making complaints against the London sketch club had a look at the planning applications and saw that someone is trying to knock down 4-6 Dilke Street buildings next to the sketch club.

    One Zamek Group:

    One thing for sure Dame an actual human has to put their name to a planning application not a company. Shouldn't Nir Zamek's name be on the application. In Mr Zamek's spare time he likes to race motorcycles, enjoys listening to all types of music, is a keen Arsenal fan and an avid collector of vintage cars.

    Soon we will have no original or historical buildings in this borough.

    So guess the complaint is coming from 7a Dilke Street

  2. Dilke Street is a quiet residential street just behind the terrace on Chelsea Embankment, and leading to Swan Walk which is alongside Chelsea Physic Garden. I use it and sometimes park there when going to the Physic Garden. The London Sketch Club has been there for many years and does no harm to anyone. The person seeking to knock down the building next door has no right to disturb this quiet neighbourhood.


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