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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


MacDonalds want to open 24 hours a day on the King’s Road. Many residents are concerned about this development and the creeping growth of a night economy on the King’s Road. 

They feel residents should stick together in opposing inappropriate development.

Interestingly, Martin Flash and Georgia and Nick Coleridge of Royal Avenue (Tim Coleridge’s brother) have both decried the potential development. 
Hypocritical Couple
But many residents are surprised that the Flash/Coleridge group- so dismayed about MacDonalds's plan- are happy for other parts of Chelsea to be blighted by the proposed Crossrail station. 

Indeed, Nick Coleridge has said that MacDonalds will be much worse because the station is underground and won’t affect anyone.

Are these supporters of a Crossrail station hypocrites? 
Does he really believe the proposed station will not support fast food outlets? 
If he does he's either naive or a liar.
Would they support a station if it was on the site of MacDonalds and affected them?  
Or are they happy for development in someone else’s backyard but not their own?


  1. Opponents of a Kings Road Crossrail station are "very selfish people" . (Tim Coleridge)

  2. The Tube has ruined Sloane Square so I expect Crossrail2 to ruin the King's Road

    1. this is nothing but an unjustifiable gripe, a conjecture. For sure it was there much before you were born... What was a successful campaign some years ago was NOT to make into crossroads... As a former resident in Sloane St I have no complaints about the tube.

  3. Do those who complain about improving public transport links actually have jobs to commute to, or use public transport at all? The last people we should be favouring here are the car drivers who cause more pollution and congestion.

    As for McDonald's, I'd like to hear more on the arguments on both sides. I live on a road that's busy 24/7 but the bedroom is at the back of the property which is much quieter, which is a good practical solution to urban living.

    1. You must be the RBKC Councillor who thinks all objectors to the proposed Crossrail2 station are rich people with chauffeurs . Get real !

  4. Let them eat a quarter pounder!

    1. Hello, this is Nick Coleridge. Only just seen this hilarious item. You do realise the attractive woman in the picture, identified as my wife, is no such thing!


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