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Saturday, 8 October 2016


Nothing engages this island race more than the weather: we just can't stop talking about it, even though it rarely threatens our lives and families.

Another island....

So when the Dame reads about the horrors facing another island she is moved to tears.

Haiti is an island that never seems to get a break. 
When things to seem to be improving a hurricane arrives to set them back to square one.
Anyway, a favourite of the Dame wrote to her and the Dame reproduces her missive here....
We are all so lucky: the Haitians are so undeservedly unlucky. 
The Dame will be making a contribution and begs her kind Hornets to do the same.

Dearest Dame

I know some of your readers are people whose lives are reasonably comfortable, who can afford their bills and a little on top. Even if not, I'm sure many could spare £5 minimum to help out the utterly desperate situation of those desolated people in Haiti, who have lost even the poor scraps of belongings and home they had a week ago. Many are still living in shanty towns since the earthquake in 2010. Even those are now flattened.

Oxfam spends just 10% on admin etc. Please please ask your readers to contribute what they can to help the worst affected, who will quite frankly die if there is no financial support to supply the medical and other basic needs they need desperately - right now.
By clicking HERE 

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