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Sunday, 3 May 2015


A reader writes about Rock Feilding Mellen's business, Socially Conscious Capital Ltd
The website refers to just two projects: one in Scotland, at Longniddry, on land owned by his stepfather; the other, Racecourse Plantations in Norfolk.
In the case of Longniddry the villagers sent him packing.
In that of Racecourse Plantations the local bumpkins kicked Rock in the bum and the local council turned down his plans to despoil ancient woodland.
So it's not just the people of K&C who object to this arrogant and supercilious young fellow....

Dear Dame,

You may be not aware but the above, in addition to his job as head of regeneration and deputy leader of RBKC is also MD of a private property company - Socially Conscious Capital. 

Have no evidence of any conflict of interest but fascinating for him to be given the job of demolishing estates in the borough.

Loved one of the quotes on SSC website " the more money we make for our landowner, the more money we make for ourselves". 

Does he have that philosophy in the borough?

In his official statement about himself on the rkbc website it says " he has a small private business" - no mention that it is property. Is he just shy?

Yours sincerely

J******    P*******r


  1. The SCC LTD website describes Rock's expertise .....

    Political: local planning authorities – who set the planning policies and ultimately make the decisions – are political organisations. It's therefore necessary to understand the local political climate when putting together a proposal. Rock Feilding-Mellen, who has over eight years' experience as a local government Councillor, applies his knowledge of local politics to guiding the planning strategy for our sites.

  2. No wonder he was so keen to get on the council

  3. This guy is a ringer

  4. Bring back Joan Hanham5 May 2015 at 07:15

    ROCK will be as savage and as high-handed as the former Tory Councillors who demolished the old Town Hall in High Street Kensington at 5am on a Saturday morning. The building was due to be given listed building status on the Monday following. These Tories are only interested in money -so vulgar. An obstacle to progress like Dent Coad is an obstacle to opposition.

  5. How ghastly he is

  6. Apparently the former councillor Cockell is spitting tacks. He had only just accepted his peerage when Sir Malcolm had to resign. So the parliamentary seat he had always coveted and saw as his birthright went to Lady Borwick, a woman he has always blanked.

  7. Brothers, sisters, your elegant dameness and fellow commoners,
    I think you are being mean to Rock F-M...I met him a few times years ago and he was charming, funny as hell and basically a good sort. He may not wear a Barbour and have a nice army hair cut but, he is no hypocrite (which is hard to find in this borough). I dont know anything about his business practices but I do know he is what damon runyon would call a 'stand up guy'.


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