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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


The concours around Exhibition Rd has rapidly degenerated into a over commercialised mess.

When a resident complained Comptoir de Libanais was expanding far beyond the permitted number of table and chairs she received this reply from the Council. 

I have been monitoring the site and the setting out of tables and chairs in this area on an ad hoc basis for a couple of months now and I am satisfied that the system is working satisfactorily.   While there may be occasions when some establishments set out additional tables and chairs, the provision is clearly popular with visitors to the area and nearby tourist attractions.

I have also requested that SKE continue to monitor their responsibilities in the matter and I shall continue to keep an eye on the situation during my other site visits in the area.   While I understand there will be some who do not appreciate what they might see as a creeping commercialisation of the area, the system is working well to the benefit of visitors and businesses and I do not consider it expedient to take any further action in the matter.

In the circumstances, I shall be closing my enforcement case although, as stated, I shall continue to keep an eye on the situation.
John Morrow
Senior Planning Enforcement Officer

So now we know....South Kensington Estates are allowed unprecedented latitude.
Mr Morrow's reply gives the impression the interests of Comptoir de Libanais; South Kensington Estates and tourists far outweigh those of residents.
It seems Mr Morrow has a special rulebook he applies to certain situations.....
Time Mr Stallwood had a word in this chap's ear!


  1. In North Kensington the Council has bullied various cafe owners for months because their customers developed a habit of bringing a few additional chairs outside the premises. No leeway allowed.

  2. Ah, but are these cafes owned by Qataris? I understand that the Council levies a fee for having chairs/tables outside the cafe?

  3. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others especially in RBKC!

  4. So, " the system is working well to the benefit of visitors and businesses" and sod the residents.

    Meanwhile anyone dependent on buses to get from Fulham Road round South Ken station towards Knightsbridge or High Street Ken is better off walking rather than waiting in the latest catastrophic traffic system


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