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Sunday, 31 May 2015


The Dame abhors councillors who make free with expenses and those who refuse to pay their debts, causing hardship to small business and charities.
The Dame rarely publishes articles of this type, but K&C residents have a right to be alerted to Mr Sneddon.
If Mr Sneddon comes knocking on your door be aware he leaves a trail of bad debts.

Favourite trick is to promise payment and then disappear over the horizon.
Doing business in the Royal Borough is already made difficult with sky high business rates and rents, so the likes of Mr Sneddon make it even more difficult.

A resident taken in by Mr Sneddon tells the Dame.... 

"Sneddon is a very plausible fellow. He gives the impression of being able to access substantial sums of money, yet when it came to paying me and other suppliers we were left with a trail of debts. To be blunt....he lies through his back teeth” 


  1. I don't suggest the Dame makes a habit of this sort of story, but having been conned myself I hope that others will avoid the likes of this chap

  2. I know this fantasist

    1. Nevertheless.... many have fallen for his glib talk...

  3. He looks a dubious type. I am fed up with these types

  4. dago, by any chance?


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