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Monday, 25 May 2015


These two Knightsbridge properties totalling 14,000 sq.ft are owned by a member of Saudi Royal(royal, used advisedly) family. 
For the last 20 years they have been left derelict and, according to nearby residents, rat infested.

We have a severe housing shortage in London. 
A lesson needs to be sent to the desert dwellers that London is not a place to park their assets and, unless bought into housing use, will be taxed at multiples of their potential developable value.
It may not deter them but at least the profit stream could be used for benefit of genuine residents-not dodgy desert medievalists looking for bolt holes.


  1. Great idea....London is being used as a landbank for overseas despots

  2. Not just by overseas despots try AirBnB! Another tax loophole for landlords!

  3. Good point but 'desert dwellers' is loathsome as a term. I thought you had class your dameness? What is it tomorrow fuzzy-wazzies ? really ! what is this the UKIP hub ?

    1. Don't be so damned silly! They live in the desert and have barbaric ways. Stop being so pathetically pc. The Dame is right....

    2. 11:12 Thank you for your appreciation of the Dame's impeccable breeding.
      She cannot understand why the term 'Desert Dwellers' so upsets you.
      The Saudi ruling family like to take their gold plated Land Cruisers into the desert for weekends:in much the same way that hedge fund residents rush away to the duller parts of Gloucestershire. The Dame uses the term to get across the fact that these barbaric medievalists are rather like hillybillies with a taste for chopping the heads of witches; persecuting women and gay people and generally being backwards. Hope that helps.

  4. Something needs to be done. Houses need to be occupied and people, especially in London, need housing. Empty properties rot from within eventually damaging neighbouring properties. Increasing the level of council tax due on any property left empty after say 12 months and then incrementally for every 12 months after that would be a start. Possible? Or completely beyond the inertia of our councillors?


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