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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


For those residents who fought long and hard to curb the mega basement plague victory will taste sweet. 
Chief amongst those residents was Doctor James Thompson. 
Commenting upon the decision James Thompson said, 

“It is a testament to the persistence of residents’ groups that we have been able sustain pressure on the Council and then work with them to make a significant change in local planning directives. Now we need to ensure that all regulations are strictly enforced. In the words of Thomas Babington Macaulay: “The agony is somewhat abated”.
Once again councillors....apart from one or two honourable exceptions....left all the hard work to unelected residents.
Doubtless, like Mr Bore, they will all be pushing their way to the front of the victory parade!

This is not the first time residents can feel grateful to James and Margaret Thompson. 
This redoubtable couple beat off the council when Daniel Moylan tried to turn Sloane Square into something looking like the Birmingham Bullring.

The Planning Inspector has listened to residents.... 
as a result all future basement developments will be of one storey only; not more than 50% of gardens and none can be built under listed buildings. You can read the full report HERE

Jonathan Bore's cynical attempt(below) to claim some sort of credit has been greeted with howls of amusement.
The Planning Dept has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to support residents. 
But Nick Paget-Brown was an important part of the mix in ensuring the Planning Dept bucked its ideas up...

Dear All
Great news – we have been successful in getting our basement policy through the Inspector, subject to the modifications discussed in the Examination.
Many, many thanks to all of you for your support at the Examination and indeed over the last difficult couple of years.
Kind regards
Jonathan Bore 


  1. Outrageous of Bore to try muscle in when he and his dept have been so tied into basement developers

    1. Low life persons can always be relied upon to behave in low life ways

  2. Bore is dust. The sooner he exits Hornton Street the better. He has been a pox on residents.

  3. The whole basement saga in the Royal Borough has been an example of Officers out of control with the Planning Director determined to command and control. Residents and Councillors have been forced (until now) to take the back seat while Bore & Co pandered to the developers - who they love dearly. Residents wonder why?

    But the true culprits are the lazy and useless Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Committee. Cllr Warwick and Cllr Mackover. Twp of the most self indulgent puffers in the History of the Royal Borough. They have much to answer for. They exerted no control whatsoever on Bore and completely neglected their residents. Not an ounce of Public Service between them.

    Once again it is residents like the Thomsons and the Kensington Society who are forced to spend huge amounts of time, and endure abuse from awful fellows like Moylan, to fight the corner for residents. It need not be like this. It should not be like this.

  4. "We have been successful getting our basement policy through". Joke.

    Bad joke

  5. I, for one, would just like to thank and congratulate all of those people who worked so hard to get this done. Thousands of residents have suffered miserably because of these basements and because of this recent event the suffering will at least be partially reduced. I trust that now Cranbrook Basements, Basement Force, Savills and others will recognize the majority will of the Borough they work in and exercise better care and respect for the population of the Borough. Had they done that from the start, then perhaps this new policy would not have been necessary.

  6. Well Done to the Thompsons - Kracka - and The Kensington Society . If only the Councillors could behave in such way

  7. Hats off to Dr and Mrs Thompson,

    Well done!

  8. For those who have not read it, the Inspectorates report basically confirms what residents have been saying for years -- that the evidence is compelling that deep basements are hell for residents and action needs to be taken to curb their size to make the system more fair. It is crazy that it has taken so long to have this very basic and obvious point affirmed but it is good to now have it all affirmed. The majority has spoken and been heard.

  9. Congratulations and public thanks are also due to Robina Rose, our local parliamentary candidate for the Greens. She too worked hard for this victory of simple justice over greed. It's also to be fervently hoped that the miffed serious-money boys are unable to overturn this decision on appeal.


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