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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


The Dame has read a comment seeming to infer ex Cllr Marianne Alapini got her hands on a TMO house in St Luke's St with the help of her papa, and in circumstances demanding explanation.
The Company she keeps....

The other blot on her copybook was acting as informal mayoress to disgraced ex Cllr Barry Phelps. Phelps was fingered by the Dame for his love of images of young boys.

But the Dame decided to do a bit more digging up around the saintly Alapini.
It seems, besides having been a director of InternationalMineral Resources(Coal Kenya) Ltd, Alapani advised/advises a fund run by a very colourful Indian 'entrepreneur Deepak Kuntawala. 
Second from Left: Kuntawala
Kuntawala was exposed by the Indian press after having lied about his role rescuing hostages during the Mumbai massacre. 

You can read about this 'interesting' man HERE


  1. Does anyone know why she quit the Council in mid 2009? She was the PPC for Woking.. walked out on that Constituency-managed to get into the last half dozen or so in the selection process for the safe seat of Erith and Thamesmead and then within weeks she quit the Council and I dont think has featured in any selection process since.

  2. It was said to have been some sort of nervous breakdown, but word at the time was that there was an issue concerning the commercial letting of rooms in the Town Hall to outside parties.

  3. "Well we can reveal that she did in fact resign as a councillor due to allegedly “misusing her role as a councillor for financial gain”. We spoke to some senior Labour sources who have stated that she is no longer in the Labour Party and one source described her as a “self-publicising narcissist”.


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