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Saturday, 13 December 2014


The Dame could not agree more with the writer....what a dreadful out of context building. 
In fact, the only context the building would happily feel at home in is some dreadful inner city Birmingham development. 
Maybe Daniel Moylan felt it sensible to try to complement the hideous mud coloured piles of brick on the right.
Moylan has had a 'taste by pass operation'.....

Dear Dame
These buildings were passed by the council after Daniel Moylan wittered on at the planning committee, persuading them that we couldn't do without them: against massive resident objection.
The monstrosity dominates Holland Park dwarfing the Commonwealth Institute. 
Not quite the "Perfect Cube" the man predicted! 
All on ground stolen from the park in the 1960s.
These ugly boring Corporate blocks of flats are what you will first see when you enter Holland Park.

Yours sadly

A Resident


  1. Hard to believe that the Planning Committee, (supported by a huge number of highly paid planning staff reporting to an all Party committee of councilors plus checks and balances) could possibly approve such a thing.

    Is there any point paying these salaries and costs? Surely better to sack them all and just allow whatever is wanted to be built.

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  3. Retired Chief Executive13 December 2014 at 16:09

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  4. Would gentle readers be wary of making comments that could be misconstrued by a sensitive Mr Moylan. Yes, it's a mystery as to he got his honorary RIBA membership but then most modern architects have awfully common taste

  5. Advised by pointless planners, our clueless Council is wrecking RBKC. See also Earl's Court shanghied by greedy speculators despite massive opposition from real Londoners.

  6. Sir James Burgess14 December 2014 at 14:15

    Is there any truth to the rumour that the council gave money to the developers to help with the refurbishment of the Commonwealth Institute?
    If so the planning officers and their compliant catamites on the planning committee have not only sold off our borough on the cheap, but have shown that they haven't got the intelligence or skills to run anything.

    1. Yes, around £5 million

  7. It seems that the wider project of turning RBKC into Dubai on Thames has already lost some of its former momentum. In October alone, RBKC residential prices fell 2.5%. Then there are the newspaper stories concerning recently suicidal London property developers who may have been assisted off balconies by unhappy investors.

  8. This evening's Evening Standard includes a story that it's now Hammersmith's turn for rapid house price deflation. The plan to turn central west London into a politically impregnable Tory nirvana is on hold.

  9. the shock the horror - won't anyone think of the children! A bit of an overreaction - it's not bad but it's not everyone's cup of tea either. Thank god variety is the spice of life


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