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Friday, 24 January 2014


Cllr Condon-Simmonds seems to have been given the Dame's hotline number.
Late last night the Dame was disturbed by a very tired and emotional Maighread.
In boastful, incomprehensible Oirish, she tells the Dame that she is to become the new mayor!
It seems that the barrel is having to be scraped and scratched in the search for mayors.....the woman is universally loathed.
Here is a little from the archives on Cllr C-S housekeeper and another Standards Committee
It's not what you, but who you know.....



  1. Dear Dame, snobbery can at times be funny but racism never is.
    And anyway on this occasion you are wrong . Condon-Simmonds is well known and liked for her kindness, independence and generosity. She also always takes the side of the residents against the developers. You have much in common ( eg mutual disdain for Luke Perkins ). Time you got to know her better

    1. Don't be fatuous...
      To describe a jocular reference to her very thick brogue as 'racist' makes you appear as vacuous as her. The Dame has written previously on a little issue that involved Cllr C-S: it left a very sour taste in the mouth.
      Within her ward she is universally disliked. As to 'getting to know her
      better' ......the Dame has better things to do with her 'Me Time' than waste on the lady. And who on earth might Mr Perkins be?

  2. Hailing from SW1024 January 2014 at 15:29

    I think this is uncalled for.

    Cllr. Condon Simmonds is perhaps a bit eccentric but is otherwise a generally good, well intentioned Councillor. She has outlived all of her former Tory colleagues in Cremorne Ward and there is a very good reason for this - unlike some of her former colleagues she understands the nature of the ward (lots of social housing, much like North Kensington) and gets on well with the residents.

    Maighread is perfectly comfortable visiting residents at their homes on Council and Housing Association estates at all hours of the day and night and to take phone calls from her residents at home. And she has done so for the last twelve years. How many other Tory Councillors can claim to do so? Much of her party appear to have an allergy to any form of social housing. Maighread doesn't.

    Her only handicap is in not always being treated seriously by other Councillors and Council officers. That says more about her colleagues and Council officers than it does about Maighread.

  3. To be quite frank, the Condom Simmonds seems to have a pretty good reputation and is not "Universally hated". So that is a singular opinion.


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