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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Tonight, at the full Council Meeting the idiot Pooter leads a debate proposing that "England is too centralised and English voters have not benefited from devolution".

This, of course, is a hobby horse of the disgraced ex Leader of Kensington and Chelsea and he needs more puff and coverage in his final days as Chairman of the Local Government Association. 
So he has persuaded his old Tory colleagues to give him public time to puff. 
Nothing wrong with this, since there is nothing better for the Councillors to shout about....but wait a minute: our profligate ex Leader is crowing that "voters should be given back a voice on a wider range of tax and spending decisions". 

This is the stuff of nightmares......

  • Has no one heard of Holland Park School?

Cockell spent £100 million to rebuild a perfectly good school in the face of Government guidelines that no school should cost more than £30 million? 

  • Has no one heard that Cockell's folly is costing tax payers £1 million every year in subsidy to Holland Park Opera? 
  • And how about his £30 million repaving, Soviet style, of the perfectly good Exhibition Road, with stone imported from China?

  • and Chelsea Care....another £1 million down the plughole.

If localism means devolving spending to the likes of the useless failed fag salesman, Pooter Cockell the answer must be we don't want it.


  1. Lets hope that the Dame has given some backbone to the usually useless Labour and Liberal Councillors to pounce on this comedian. We wait with baited breath to see if any of the Tory Councillors have an ounce of decency and honesty in them

    1. Don't, you'll asphyxiate.

  2. Some people need to learn that when they get booted out they should lie low and not come back for more punishment. Pooter was always "thick" but now even he is distinguishing himself as "super thick"

  3. Kensington Resident22 January 2014 at 15:17

    Cllr Cockell is debating a serious issue. It is a pity that he cannot lead by example because his record does not stand scrutiny.

  4. The Hornet has joined the Labour Party. Official

  5. There are many examples of local authorities who have made good use of the limited independence they have to better serve their residents, even if that means deviating from current government policy. RBK&C isn't among them.

    This motion is intended to take up the Council meeting's time with endless sycophancy from spineless back-benchers who should know better, nothing more. The opposition have clearly spooked the leadership with their motions more than usual. Anyone in the public gallery would be well advised to bring a sick bag.

  6. Let's hope Pooter gets the thrashing he deserves but I fear he won't.

    1. The Dame's Reporter23 January 2014 at 08:33

      This was one of the more pathetic debates in the Council Chamber. Cockell's 2 min 41 second video was ruled out on a point of order and procedure. What goes through this man's mind? Attempting to lecture Councillors with a video.
      ? Cllr Mingy put the reptile down nicely by referring to "this Hornet character Pooter" being indulged by his mates with a farewell present of his own motion.

    2. Cockell got the caning that his fatuous resolution deserved.It is unsurprising that the Labour opposition took him to task over the naivity of the subject and the waste of time but it was more noticable that the Tory side too looked embarassed and bored by such a poor performance. I doubt very much that K & C will try this again

  7. A damp Squibb farewell present. Poisoned challis maybe? Nice one, Nick.

    1. It appears Nick didn't say a word ...

    2. Nick made a speech streets ahead of Cockell's lucid, intelligent and worth listening to. And he managed it in 5 minutes not the 15 indulgence given to the former leader.

    3. Unfortunately some of us had fallen asleep by that point.


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