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Monday, 13 January 2014


'Artistic' followers of the Dame, such as disgraced ex cllrs Phelpsie and Lamont, will have noticed the Hornet 'masthead' has undergone a significant 'makeover'.
The Dame hopes you all like the careful use of colours and typography. 

And on the subject of 'art' the Dame's attention was drawn to this, below, in the Evening Standard.

When Pooter first forced colleagues to spend £100,000 on a new Bentley his rationale was that it was required, 'to maintain the dignity of the Borough'.....
You could not make it up!

Anyway, The Dame hears Pooter has got very keen on the idea of making taxpayers pay to have his chubby features rendered in oils. 
He envisions a theatrical style of portraiture with him gesturing,Napoleonic style, towards his some of his more outrageous wastes of our money.... like Holland Park School and Exhibition Rd.
The fact his peerage has not arrived causes him great sadness. 
He had hoped to be arrayed in his ermine, rather than his Next suit.
Nick Paget-Brown needs to ensure that the cost of his portrait should be borne by councillors....not taxpayers.


  1. There is of course the classic picture of Merrick and Boris admiring a North Ken Crossrail station whilst facing the wrong way ...

    Not quite "Napoleonic" but arguably worthy of preservation as a reminder to future generations of Councillors of the need to at least appear to have some idea you know what you're looking at (i.e. it's educational)

  2. The Dame should spend more money for a better mast head than the GCSE entry you have just put up

    1. Agreed! The old mast head was excellent and satisfactory. The new one is not an improvement. The Dame is obviously becoming bored and is looking for new things to do. Has she caught the Hornton Street disease of "too many Councillors, too much money, and not enough to do?"

    2. The Dame is being ironic with her new masthead.

  3. They look like clowns

    1. What on earth was Diane Abbot thinking when she allowed her "portrait" to see the light of day?

    2. None of them were thinking. Which is the problem.

    3. As Jacob Rees Mogg has said, this money is less than chickenfeed from the overall budget and it is vital to commemorate the many "firsts" in Parliament - such as the first back female MP - although it is a truly dreadful portrait.

    4. In the grand scheme of things all things are chickenfeed when compared to the overall budget - such as MP's expenses and the proposed 11% pay rise for MPs. Neither are going to break the bank or save lots of money.

      And the same applies to many of the cuts, such as the bedroom tax, which is pretty much guaranteed to make f-all difference to the overall welfare budget but the government is still pressing ahead with an "every penny counts" mantra. A mantra which clearly only applies in "special cases" (i.e. not portraits, MP's expenses or an 11% pay rise).

  4. The Dame commissioned an RBKC style piece of resident consultation..... the result astonished her: 99.9% of all those resident readers questioned thought her new design exceptional and well worth the £700,000 she had paid design consultants.

    1. £700,000? Cheap by RBK&C standards.

      Tribal - we have our fingers in all your pies - weren't involved were they?


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