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Friday, 13 September 2013


The Dame is hearing some extraordinary news from the most unexpected of quarters....
It seems that the Grenfell Action Group invited Nick to meet them. Not only did he do so-on their turf-but actually LISTENED to what they had to say,

Around and about the Borough compliments are
flying in the direction of Nick Paget-Brown.
The Dame feels quite smug: she has always wholeheartedly supported Nick as the best replacement for the awful Pooter.

The Dame has known N P-B over the years. He has always been a Ward councillor who, in a positive way, would respond quickly when asked by residents for help.

Leadership is an intuitive thing. If Nick continues, as he is, he will go down as a notable and reforming influence in the Borough.

Keep up the good work, Nick!


  1. Yes, echoed....doing good work, but dump R F-M

  2. Listening is great. Being in touch is even better. Now we need to see the tough side and tackling some long overdue issues. Starting with Holland Park Opera. How much longer will taxpayers be expected to fork out the £1 million a year subsidy and keep all those people in Hornton Street shuffling paper (and costing more money) for something that the Borough should not be involved in. The unique Civic Opera. ...

  3. At last, some sensible and appropriate behaviour from the Leader of Kensington and Chelsea

  4. Tired Tory Councillor13 September 2013 at 19:38

    Well everybody, we now know he's a good listener, he is a good listener.

    Now what? In my experience he listens compassionately then does eff all. So let's just see.

    1. My concern exactly. The Borough cannot afford a passenger Leader

  5. So is he going to stop the developments at Grenfell Tower and Lancaster West?

  6. What is he doing about the Tri Borough shambles that is costing residents a fortune? By stealth our services are being cut under the guise of bringing everything 'into line across the three boroughs' code for reducing in quantity and quality.

    We the residents of this Borough did not vote for this fiasco, did not vote our Councillors in to sell us down the river? And we were not consulted.

    The 'officers' that are left in the town hall are now in charge, most are nodding donkeys, the good ones that had the interests of the residents have left, not wanting to be part of it all and those left driving it all are accountable to no one.

    Who is in charge and who is responsible for this mess and where is NPB in all of this?

  7. To be fair to him he has only been at the helm for a few months and there is a huge mess to clear.
    I am sure the Dame will be on his back in six months time if deep changes have not taken place.
    For the moment she is probably correct to give him the benefit of the doubt....

  8. I too hope The Dame is correct about NPB, but experience has shown that his willingness to listen is a mask for following a political agenda to the long term detriment of residents.

    As for tri-borough, it's probably already too late.The running of virtually every Council department has been handed over to strangers. Threats of dismissal are used to deter K and C officers from communicating their concerns to our councillors.


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