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Sunday, 8 September 2013


The Dame is anxious to verify some interesting information about Cllr Mathew Neal.....
It appears that Cllr Neal lives at 100b Holland Road: a property owned by London & Quadrant and that Matt's Mum is the leaseholder. However, the same source tells her Matt's Mum, Halina Davis, also owns a flat in Fulham so why would she need two commodious properties when there is a long housing list? The silly old Dame is getting confused.....
and refuses to believe that Matt, an ex employee of a highly successful City PR consultancy, would use accommodation set aside for those in dire housing need. 

Cllr Matt describes himself as a communications expert:sadly such expertise is never made available to those he represents on Cremorne ward. Most residents have never met the man and he makes it even more difficult by refusing to give a contact phone number... just a council email address!  
So the dear, kindly old Dame decided to provide contact details for the phantom Matt.....
Anyway, Matt is a member of the Housing Scrutiny Committee, which ensures that no one abuses housing stock, so the stories must all be mischievous.
But, you can always give your councillor a call on his office or mobile below and ask him to deny these probable lies......



  1. Surely this just cannot be true: any consultant at M Communications would be on at least £150k a year

  2. What is the telephone number and email for fat cat Cllr Neal? Does he live with his mum? Is there a cat involved by any chance? This could be another Cllr Lightfoot story

    1. Don't go there. The guy will implode

    2. No, his mum lives in her own flat and Matt N seems to be a 'tenant'. Click on the image and you will see his contact numbers, which he is not keen to give out to those who voted for him

  3. Looks a shifty cove to me. I will get my runner to do some digging

  4. Cllr. Neal's contact details are Home: 020 7603 8893, Office: 020 7138 3224 Mobile: 07917 800 011

  5. Too many of our Councillors do not seem to understand that they are there to represent their residents and ease of access is a fundamental requirement. Cllr Neal seems to be one of those useless politicians with a self image that he is a very important person and above residents. Please remember, laddie, you are a representative of the people

  6. Matthew is sadly far from alone as a Councillor with "non-contact" details.

    A quick wade through the Council's website reveals far too many Councillors whose sole contact details are either for the Town Hall or Chelsea Manor Street.

  7. But social housing is supposed to be for ordinary people and this council does not want them living in the Royal Boro. Far better that the social housing is filled with the right type of person Eh.

  8. Council housing bought under the Right to Buy can then be sold on to private buyers. Most of these private buyers use former social housing as Buy-to-Let. If this address is a former Council flat that has been sold on, there is no problem. If it is a social housing tenancy, allocated to someone who already owns a home elsewhere (see Cllr. O'Neill,) then questions should be asked.


  10. Dame. Could you summarise and draw a conclusion from all of this? Has Cllr Neil and/or his mum been on the fiddle?

  11. It seems that London&Quadrant had no idea that Mathew's mother owned a house under her married name and are investigating.....

  12. Now we are getting there. As an "insider", Cllr Neil will not be able to claim that "I did not know".


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