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Thursday, 19 September 2013


Our Borough tends to attract residents, who, in times past, would have lived in 'sunny places for shady people' as 
Somerset Maugham so succinctly described certain grubby, 'money rich/taste poor', residents of Monaco & the Riviera.

These people now infest our charming Borough importing with them a total lack of consideration for their neighbours. 
They hold rowdy, charmless parties for their gormless friends extending into the early hours of the morning and disrupting the lives of those who have honest livings to make.
Fortunately, they come up against a noise nuisance service with zero tolerance for such selfish, anti social oafs who make life hell for their neighbours.
All of us know the misery these unpleasant types create for those wishing to quietly enjoy our property. 
Well done, Tim Davis of the RBK&C Noise Nuisance Team....keep up the good work.

Next week the Dame will be reporting on the noise polluting activities of the spoilt brat son of a Pakistani(Sindh) tycoon. 
(The Dame has received this correction to comment about the origins of the family: for some reason they prefer to say they are Indian)
His ear drum breaking parties continue into the early hours of the morning.They seem fuelled by substances of greater strength than mere could be a matter of police interest......


  1. These low life people cannot be tolerated. If Cllr Ahern's "resident friendly" utterance means anything then Mr Bore's headcount (Planning) should be cut in half and Mr Davis' headcount (Noise Control)should be tripled.

  2. How dare these ghastly children of Indians come here and spoil the quality of our life? Their parents would not tolerate their behaviour at home in Delhi

  3. I know the guy....he is a loud mouthed show off and bully. I have loads of Indian friends and they think him a vulgar, first class shit

    1. The Dame must expose him!

    2. electric product that quickly ends up in the waste BIN

  4. I live near Lalvani. He gives parties until 4.00am and the noise makes it impossible to sleep.
    He is a nasty, spoilt brat who inherited from his family and thinks he is a big shot.

  5. Whereabouts is that?

  6. The Sindh crowd are a two faced and dangerous, devious lot. There is a local saying "if you encounter a snake and a Sindh, which one should you trust?"

    "the snake...."

  7. Actually, what we Indians say is rather different...we say if you come across a Sindh and a snake which do you kill first....the answer the Sindh. I am afraid my fellow Indians don't consider them Indian, but Pakistani....Well Lady Dame we like your style!

  8. In the same way that the British look down on the Irish, Indians look down on Pakistanis. Pakistanis acknowledge this by using every opportunity that comes their way to try and pass themselves off as Indian


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