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Monday, 23 September 2013



Another victory for the RBK&C Noise Nuisance Team led by Tim Davis. 
A comment on the previous topic of noise nuisance suggested this was a department that should have more resources allocated. The Dame agrees......

Mr Davis and team are essential to the Borough.

This case is interesting. Clearly, the contractor, Longcross Ltd and Tesco arrogantly ignored appeals from residents and the Noise Nuisance Team. 

One assumes they were so keen to get on with the job and have profits rolling in that fines of a few thousand pounds were neither here nor there.
Can one imagine Waitrose treating the community in this way? 
And it seems that Westminster Council have just successfully prosecuted Tesco having found huge four legged rodents in one of their stores....disgusting Tesco! rodents

Residents can punish Tesco and tell the Longcross MD what they think of his selfish behaviour

Longcross Ltd have a nice line in bullshit. Here is how they describe their working practices...

"At Longcross we are committed to conducting our business in a professional and ethical manner. We take our corporate responsibilities seriously and work hard to manage the social, environmental and economic impact of our work on the world around us.
Our excellent record in the 'Considerate Constructors' scheme demonstrates our commitment to the local communities within which we work". 


  1. Incredible....they made our lives misery and then come out with this c**p.
    I will never ever use Tesco after the misery they caused me

  2. Cllr Ahern was on the button when he announced that the our Council needs to be more "resident friendly". For too long, much too long, Officers and Councillors have enjoyed puffing themselves up alongside wealthy developers and industrialists who promise lots of baubles like tickets to Wimbledon and Ascot. Much more exciting than supporting the disparate and disorganised Muppets. But its the Muppets who pay the salaries and pay for the offices in Hornton Street. So it is very refreshing to read stories like this. For once, Officers representing the residents


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