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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Nick Ross, the former Crimewatch presenter is President of the Kensington Society.
The KS, under the leadership of hard working chairman, Amanda Frame, is assiduous about protecting our heritage so
she must be sad to read how Ross plans to wreck the elegant house he has just bought. 
His plans represent everything the Kensington Society loathes.
Nick is a nice guy, thus one imagines the driving force behind this money grubbing scheme is Mrs Caplin.

Nick Ross and his harridan of a wife, Sarah Caplin(No,'s not defamatory: you know why ITV parted company with you...fired for bullying) are in serious trouble with their Westminster neighbours over their hideous plans for their new 'mansion'. You can read all about it here

Fortunately, Nick's supporter and chairman of the Westminster Planning Sub Committee, Robert Davis, says he likes it....well, he would wouldn't he!
Davis is the former partner of the late Simon Milton, the ex leader of WCC and Shirley Porter's partner in crime.

Davis is a frightful vulgarian so no surprise that he would like this 'Russian Oligarch' style development.


  1. Time for Ross to move on from the Kensington Society. A poisoned challis

  2. Where on earth did a BBC crime presenter get £17m from to buy this house and then another £10 million to do it up? Crime obviously pays.....

  3. Smug looking couple of wankers

  4. Davis is another Councillor that the Evening Standard has a file on. They did not nail him yet

  5. Never mind the personalities. Judging by the numbers of similar properties currently available for sale in central London, an excruciatingly overdeveloped, £30million house may end up as a financial as well as social embarrassment.

  6. Nick Ross in his capacity as President of the Kensington Society should look hard at himself and his role within the society. He really cannot have it both ways, on the one hand a guardian of the beautiful district of Kensington and yet on the other an opportunist and speculator; a property developer with the sole aim of making bucket loads of money irrespective as to what impact this may have on the environment and wildlife. In my view Mr Ross is typical of the double standards which again blight the BBC and if he wishes to continue with this development he should definately resign from the Kensington Society.


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