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Thursday, 19 August 2010

You've got Mail

When you have a new puppy and it sees a bee it plays around with it for a bit but when the bee has had enough it zaps the little fella on the nose. That puppy wont go anywhere near a yellow stripey buzzy thing again!

A cow grazing on the field surrounded by a lightly electrified fence, will only try to barge through it once. A couple of volts from the live wire will definitely make the docile beast think again before trying to emulate Steve McQueen in his famous movie role.

So you would think that Mr Phelps would have considered carefully before sending out yet another unsolicited mail to a whole host of unexpecting (and perhaps disinterested) individuals. Yes, folks Phelps is still reeling from the recent turn of events, and it seems to Hornet that he is playing out to be the victim in all this.

A concerned resident has sent to Hornet an email, from Phelps to most of his former colleagues at the Town Hall, claiming that the complaint made to the Police about his emails has been dismissed. He goes onto accusing an individual of making the complaint in the first place.

The individual in question happily set about putting Phelps right, as the complaint to the Police came from the Officers at the Town Hall and not from the concerned individual who was merely contacted by the Police in connection with their enquiries.

Phelps should learn a very big lesson from this, and accept the consequences of his actions and perhaps uninstall his email programme.

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