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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Iran raises the steaks in Kensington

It is scandalous that in this day and age the people running the show think they can sweep decisions under the carpet and ride roughshod over the people in their community. Tinpot dictactors, leaders treating the place like a personal fiefdom, however you describe it, its 2010, and yet some people still can be deprived of their basic rights.

Hornet isnt talking about the long oppressed people of Iran, whose plight is certainly bad, no, we're talking about the people of K&C who the council thought they could basically ignore when it came to the planning application for the proposed new Iranian embassy in the borough. 

It certainly wont please everyone, It is an obvious effort to break certain (cultural) stereotypes about Iran, as well as an attempt to reach out to the rapidly increasing Muslim population in the UK. A "progressive" Iran is a good image; I'm not sure how many people will actually buy that in RBKC, especially if you live next door to it. .

The new building will be neighbours to the Grade II listed St Augustines Church in Queens Gate, and few metres from the old Iranian embassy building that was stormed by the SAS back in the 1980's. Under the original Town Hall plan, the planning application would be decided sometime in September. Unlike other planning applications though, it wasnt placed on the councils website to solicit residents views and its absence was explained away "for security reasons".

Suddenly now, following a public outcry, the councils website carries the planning application and reportedly the hearing on the application has been put back to October or November.

At last, democracy prevails, there is hope for Iran.

In an intriguing twist to the tale someone booked the Town Hall for a dinner party, described by the Town Hall as a "non political cultural group" but advertised on the Iranian embassy website as a "celebration by the Islamic Republic of Iran".

It is widely reported the leadership of the council were informed well before the event the true nature of the event and its organisers, and how such events are often portrayed on State TV back in Iran as evidence how high regarded their Government is considered in foreign countries. In other words, any dissidents in Iran, you are on your own. A propaganda coup in no uncertain terms.

The leadership failed to prevent the "event" from going ahead.

Hornet welcomes diversity, but would probably forego an invitation to break bread with those governments who stone women to death and hang adolescent males just because they are gay. Actually, if it were up to Hornet we would have told the organisers of this "dinner" or celebration where they could put their booking application form.

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  1. I see that the Evening Standard gave
    Cockell a real boot up the backside.
    Time for a Leader change-and soon


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