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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Apology to Cllr Moylan re Expenses

A little while ago Hornet reported that Cllr Daniel "Holiday Home" Moylan managed to squeeze over £800 to have council papers couriered to him while he is abroad either "on private business or while at his holiday home" on four occasions.

Hornet was wrong, and for that unreservedly apologise to Cllr Moylan, because it was actually seventeen times at a cost of £2230.

This then reinforces the thoughts of Hornet when we discussed this issue previously.

On seventeen occasions, Cllr Moylan was abroad at a what must have been a critical time and had to have his council papers couriered to him, and this cost the council tax payers of K&C over £2000.

£2000, thats more than the average monthly wage of a nurse, or a rookie policeman. It would pay a nursery teacher for a few weeks.

Cllr Moylan is a successful businessman, with various directorships of sorts on a number of property companies, he earns money from most if not all of them, he earns money from Transport for London, and is paid a handsome wage from K&C Council.

Who the hell does Cllr Moylan think he is?

If he had to have papers couriered to him seventeen times then, frankly, it takes the mickey. Cllr Moylan clearly fails to recognise the significance of his actions. There is nothing wrong with having a holiday home, or going abroad for business, but there is a big problem if it interferes with your role as a councillor.

Cllr Moylan must repay all the money spent on courier charges, and spend more time in the Town Hall and less time in his speedos relaxing around the pool. You are elected to serve the people of K&C, so start acting like it.

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