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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cockell in a right Pickle

Hornet learns that our illustrious leader the unbeknighted Merrick Cockell has fallen on hard times.

He used to receive a handsome booty from London Councils, but has since been booted from the position of Chairman. So he lost the £20,000 that came with his sinecure chairing of the closest thing to a quango.

Then he was just down to his £15,000 from the Audit Commission, and the near enough £70k from the council tax payers of Kensington and Chelsea as their Leader.

But wait...    the new ConLib Government bruiser for Communities and Local Government has landed Cockell in a right pickle, by announcing the abolition of one of his paymasters the Audit Commission.

Thats £35,000 off his £100,000+ income a year, so he's probably scrabbling around to find ways to fill the financial void and avoid the hard times experienced by many of his boroughs residents. Hornet wonders if it means he will revert to his old ways of lavish expense claims, at the expense of the council tax payers.

Hornet suggests something he could do, don't go for that hotel lunch, head down to PizzaLand, they do a great Four Seasons.

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