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Saturday, 7 November 2020


Anyone visiting our local churches will have been astonished by the extraordinary antiseptic measures in place to ensure the virus does not seek sanctuary.

Pews are cordoned off to ensure proper spacing and masked parishioners assiduously wipe down pews after services.

In times like these places of worship are havens for the troubled of spirit.

So how bizarre of this aimlessly led government to lock them down.

This image of St Mary's, Cadogan Street gives ample demonstration of how much space is available so that effective social distancing can be implemented.

This lockdown is already disintegrating as long-suffering people realise this government is flying by the seat of its fraying pants and try to carry on with their lives.


1 comment:

  1. it is a disgrace that religious services are banned when it is permitted to go to Garden Centres ( most of which seem to be selling Christmas Tatt rather than plants ) & Stationary Shops.
    Our spineless religious leaders seem to have accepted the marginality of their services with never so much as a whimper . What will make them fight their corner ? We have already lost Easter & today Remembrance Day Sunday has gone by without Religious or Civic Leaders in attendance. Are Advent and Religious Christmas to be allowed to go the same way ? ( It is certain however that our hopeless PM will give way to demands for secular Christmas to let rip irrespective of the health consequences simply because he wants to try to regain his lost popularity although surely his authority is lost permanently ? )


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