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Friday, 3 May 2019


Though the local election results are pretty dire for the big parties we should be grateful that the new crop of K&C councillors- on both sides- are light years better than the old guard.
The new Conservative councillors are making a great effort to work with residents: they should be applauded for that.
Equally, there are some excellent new Labour arrivals: Ian Henderson who has unrelentingly championed the residents of Sutton Estate is a case in point.
The Dame has seen an email from a Tory-voting couple who were full of praise for Ian's assistance.
Well done, Ian and well done to all those hardworking Conservative councillors who have changed perceptions.


  1. Henderson would be an excellent MP....unlike the ultra Left Dent Coad who hates anyone who has aspirations-oh, apart from Mrs D C who lives in gorgeous subsidised social housing and educates her kids privately. Emma? You are such a fake and hypocrite.

    1. I know Tories who would vote for Henderson as MP7 May 2019 at 16:13

      Mrs Dent-Coad is clueless. She needs to step aside and let Henderson fight a by election. Mrs D C should not be allowed to fight for the seat again unless you want the Tories to win.

  2. We hard pressed council tax payers need more news like this. A good Councillor is really important and when they emerge they are greatly appreciated.

    The new reality (according to a Tory Grandee) is that the Conservaive Party is now "toast". Dent Toad may live to see another term at Westminster

  3. Forever Labour7 May 2019 at 16:25

    IF Emma loved her party and her constituents more than she loves herself, she would resign to ensure that the Westminster seat was forever Labour


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