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Friday, 24 May 2019


Double Parking

You can double park but turn off your
Double Yellow lines

Dear Dame,

These images demonstrate how the Council turns a blind eye to blatant law-breaking on an industrial scale. 
Taxis, filthy diesel engines running, snake down Hans Road and into Hans Place.
Residents and their families endure constant noise and danger and other road users constant congestion.

All because of poor traffic management decision making by the council.
The only ward councillor to put her back into sorting out the muddle is Cllr. McVeigh.
But what of her longest-serving councillor colleague, Cllr. Mary Weale?
In all the years that I have lived in the Hans Town ward Cllr. Weale has been phantom like: no one has ever seen her.
Yet in those years Cllr. Weale has claimed allowances and expenses well in excess of £300,000.

She is so dismissive of the concerns of residents that she has not responded to one email sent to her by residents.

As lead member for Council Finance Cllr. Weale has an allowance of close to £1,000 a week. 
In January this year, with the Council’s financial situation in a parlous state, Cllr. Weale took on a senior role with Imperial College Healthcare Trust. 
Why did the Leader allow this to happen?

Cllr. Weale? 
Can you please spare a little time to serving residents....


Justin Downes


  1. Cllr. Weale needs the money....she is the sole source of income and she doesn't have time for pesky residents. She's a absentee cllr who lives far from Hans Town so why should she care?

  2. It's ironic she is working for a hospital on the side yet allowing diesel taxis to create dangerous polluting conditions for residents and their families.

  3. This Councillor has been a self seeking waste of time for ever and ever. It is incredible that it is taking so long for the Ruling Party to find out.

  4. WOW - Sounds like Cllr Weale is onto a good thing, raking it in for precious little, nice work if you can get it. This sounds very RBKC, but is anyone watching! KTS - comments please?

  5. Some elected councillors use their position as a gravy train. They don't get found out until something goes wrong or something needs doing. They analyse the financial implications, as they need to keep the train moving you see. Where there is little financial gain, they use bureaucracy and red tape to camouflage front line action. They become a invisible council by "ghosting" the residents who need help and action. I wrote on Thursday and could not believe some residents have been corresponding since JANUARY, with no action to address the issue. I stated that if nothing was done about the illegal taxi rank, still there snaking along last night, there will be a PR media campaign against those who took no action. So, Cllr Weale, Fiona Rae, Sadiq Khan, you have all been warned..

  6. This outrageous abuse of the law by taxis creating an unlawful taxi rank on double yellow lines on Hans road has been continuous since mid January 7 days a week from lunchtime till after 9pm!! Do the council appreciate the quality of the area and importance of protecting it from inappropriate illegal behavior by selfish taxi drivers? They cause traffic congestion, noise, pollution and accidents.
    council leaders, your council paying residents demand immediate daily robust enforcement! You have a duty.

  7. Cllr Weale lost her job at insurance brokers a couple of years ago so there was panic in the Weale home as she is virtually the sole breadwinner. Luckily, the Masonic senior cllrs got her a Cabinet job at £40k a year until she could get sorted. She is now sorted is picking up £50k from us poor bloody donkeys of Council taxpayers and another(one assumes) £80k a year from the other taxpayers who fund the NHS...and these wonder why we despise them.

  8. This is a chance for Cllr Weale to do something useful. And she cosy up the MPs for joint action. She loves to feel important

  9. Emma, you need to get behind this


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