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Saturday, 25 May 2019



The lives of residents in Chelsea and Knightsbridge are being wrecked and endangered by speeding, noisy supercars barrelling down their streets.
Sloane and Pont St's, Knightsbridge, Brompton Rd, Walton St and Ovington Square are their preferred 'drags'.

There are two distinct perennially offending groups
  • Middle Eastern visitors with supercars with illegible and unrecordable registration plates 
  • Uk residents with legible plates
Every effort has been made to persuade the Middle Eastern embassies to assist: it's been a complete waste of time.

Therefore the Council needs to be talking to talking to DVLA about:

1. Insisting that  vehicles with illegible Arabic plates are replaced with temporary British plates and registered to a legitimate UK address
2. Temporarily imported supercars are inspected by DVLA to ensure they are UK road legal. 

Specifically, the Mercedes Benz 4 wheel drives which are a huge speed and noise nuisance.
This action will be highly disruptive.
But, in reality, there is just one cure in the absence of effective policing....we need strategically sited speed cameras. There is no other solution.
The money to install is there from the ring-fenced parking enforcement revenues and once installed the payback period will be rapid.

A reader tells me that the Council is now, at last, willing to consider cameras but it will require the support of TfL and parliamentary time.
So, the Dame calls upon Greg Hands and Emma Dent Coad to get behind residents and get these cameras up and running.

There is no other solution and fiddling around the edges just won't cut the mustard.
The Council has wasted far too long on this issue and now needs some resolute action. Come on, Doc Quirk, this is one for you too.


  1. As usual, the Dame cuts to the chase. I have seen her sedately driving her one owner Armstrong Siddeley....I wonder what happened to Perks, her old chauffeur?

  2. Hands and Dent Coad play petty politics. They are both completely useless. Neither of them have said anything useful about Brexit so you can forget either of them doing anything useful locally.

  3. This is a perennial problem, nobody was/is prepared to tackle, so not to offend the super rich and pally foreigners. The idea for temp plates and MOT compliance is a good one, but who is going to campaign for it? EDC? Hardly.... Perhaps the Resident groups should be more vocal?

  4. The Strategic Emma Dent Coad will tell us what to do.

    1. Her resignation would be a start.

  5. Being middle class and nuanced is not the language of Dagenham.

  6. How are speed cameras going to help if the majority of offenders are vehicles with illegible Arabic number plates? The cameras will be easier to get than the necessary change in the law to impose temporary UK plates with a traceable address. The latter is a very good idea, but would require legislation.


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