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Wednesday, 8 May 2019


The Dame is under continual pressure to 'declare' for either Jeremy 'Pooter' Corbyn or Nigel 'The Thrasher' Farage...she won't be drawn despite this email from a resident in Holland Park

Dear Dame,

You are such a political 'know all' it would be interesting to have your 'take' on who would come off best in a bare fist fight between Jeremy 'Pooter' Corbyn and Nigel 'Thrasher' Farage.
The Thrasher lands a good 'un

Jeremy seems reluctant to take on Thrasher and that's a shame for any of us who enjoy blood sports-as many of us followers of Surtees do.

My feeling is that Pooter would leave the ring limping and bleeding...

Come on, Pooter, if you don't have the sphericals put your dog, Watson, into the ring.....

Kindest regards, my dear Dame,



  1. The two cannot be compared. BREIXT Party is a single isssue pressure group and Labour is a full range politiacl party.

    In a blood sport contest Corbyn (of course) would be toast. As a fully fledged political party BREXIT is a joke.

    1. The Labour Party is a busted flush led by a wispy bearded Marxist and a Provo loving Irishman-both of whom have never had a proper job in their lives. The Brexit Party will soon showcase a range of's the new force on the political landscape...Labour and Conservative are yesterday's politics

  2. Dear Dame,
    While one is aware of "Pooter's" identity, "Thrasher" is a mystery. Is it the appalling DM? There are so many to choose from. Please also provide background on what this "fight" is all about. Many thanks.

    1. "Thrasher" is obviously Farage.

      D Moylan has not been mentioned before. "Thrashed" is his special desire.


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