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Saturday, 24 November 2018


It's time controversial applications were not sneaked in during holiday periods.....especially when Mr. Stallwood's planning team are recommending it-as in this case.

Laduree has applied for permission to intensify its restaurant operation with the creation of a new restaurant with 90 covers and hours extending close to midnight.
If granted noisy customers will pour on to the streets late at night creating even more noise pollution for residents. See the application HERE
How Harrods ever were able to buy the expanse of payment forming the public highway is a mystery. Did massive amounts of money change hands? Obviously.
Residents already endure the noise and nuisance from Harry's Bar and this expansion just exacerbates the problems.

There already over 10 objections so why on earth are planning officers running roughshod over the wishes of residents by recommending it? 
Have they been offered free pastries?

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) Variation of conditions Nos. 3 (Limit on Hours), 4 (Number of Covers), 5 (Management Plan), 8 (Tables and Chairs) of planning permission PP/18/00907 (Change of use of internal area of Laduree Restaurant to create Restaurant B, an independent restaurant accommodating up to 90 covers at one time and providing an evening dinner service with extended hours of operation - until 23.30pm daily) for extension of morning opening hours from 7.00am. Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road, LONDON,
The meeting will start at 6.30pm on 4th December
Committee Room 1, at the Town Hall in Hornton Street
LONDON, W8 7NX. The recommendation is to grant consent

Everybody should go and a speaker setting
out residents' objections appointed.

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