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Saturday, 24 September 2016


The Dame is often the butt of cruel and malicious nonsense. Fortunately, she has a thick skin and can bear the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' with equanimity: to quote 'Warwickshire Willie'.
She reproduces this unfair email from one of her cantankerous readers, safe in the knowledge that her other, less censorious readers, will know how unfair the imputations are. The Dame has NO pets!

For a start, the Dame never censors comments, unless, of course, they are defamatory or vulgar.

To suggest Cadogan gets an easy ride is nonsense. 
In fact, the poor old thing was severely rebuked for publishing what one reader described as MISARA's over long criticism of the scheme.HERE
What, in the past, the Dame has said about Cadogan is that it is better that a local family own the estate rather than some greedy hedge fund or the Qatari's. She stands by that.

Dear Dame,

The other day a reader accused the Dame of having her 'pets'. I have to say, I tend to agree.
The Hornet seems rarely to criticise our sainted MP, or indeed, Cllr Dent Coad. As for Cllr Coleridge, she seems to have deleted quite a few comments that criticise him, yet never reacts to unpleasant comments about Cllr Feilding Mellen.
I turn now to Cadogan's plans for Sloane Street. 
Why has the Hornet not roundly condemned them? 

With the kindest and most respectful regards, dear Dame,

A long term K&C Resident


  1. Dear K&C resident. You are quite right to prod the Dame. Her "nest" does a great service to the Borough but she is a highly partial person. Old ladies have a weakness for flattery and I fear that as the old bag ages this weakness will become more acute. Cllr Mellen merely has to bide his time. He is young and she is old. He will find that flattery eventually brings her around.

    1. She is also a terrible snob. A mention of the name Cadogan has her shaking at the knees. And worse, given her advanced years. Pathetic creature.

    2. If it wasn't for the Dame much of the corruption would go unoticed in this borough.

      Claims that Dame does not hold Cadogan & his estate to account is rot. If you look through the posts the Dame has had Cadogan over her knee and given him three of the best.

      If the Dame sailed off into the sunset on SS Hornet to Monaco we would all be poorer and left to wonder the desert of Kensington & Chelsea.

      I for one and many others are indebted to the Dame.

    3. The Dame descends from a very grand Bulgar famiy

  2. We all have "pets". Unfortunately the Dame, who likes to dabble in public life, wears her pets on her sleeve. For reasons known only to her, she favours EDC, Borwick and Coleridge. At one time she even wobbled over Moylan but something went badly wrong there.

    The old lady is flawed.

    1. How dare you! She has never 'wobbled' in front of `Cllr Moylan

  3. Monaco? God forbid. That's for the likes of Greene, Abramowich etc. Mustique is more to her liking.... and she can take her two-legged 'pets' with her. Very much like Princess Margaret did in years gone by...
    as for deleting comments? Nobody would imagine that our dear Dame would condone vulgarity.... sail on, dear Dame...

  4. RBKC's true "First Citizenne" is the Dame. Like the great Churchill she has her little foibles; but rises above them.

    Each of us owes her a debt of gratitude. Long Live the Dame!

    1. Blueberry you are right. The Dame is irreplaceable.


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