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Tuesday, 6 September 2016


The Chelsea Society

The Dame's old walker, nice Mr Betjeman, once observed,"when in Peter Jones I feel nothing awful will ever happen to me"

One gets the same feeling of security during Chelsea Society meetings.
So what on earth is going on to disturb the cosy world of the Chelsea Society and why is it trying to copy the fearsome Kensington Society run by the non-prisoner taking Amanda Frame?
The Dame has received the below..... 

My Dear Dame

A little bird tells me all is not well at the Chelsea Society . Whispers indicate that newish chairman, Michael Stephen is looking to move the Society to being more of a campaigning group: this has not sat  at all well with some of the Society  'ladies'.

There have been several resignations recently in reaction to  'Cuckoo ' Stephen and his brash plans.

I have no opinion on this merely passing along the news . 

I will send a more detailed report from my source when I get it .

Your obedient servant

Lord xxxxxxx


  1. Knitting needles at dawn....

  2. Chelsea is NOT what people think, and never has been entirely buttoned up and genteel.

    Good luck Stephen/Stevens!

  3. Sounds intriguing and please keep us posted. I was a member briefly and rightly or wrongly (as my level of contact was limited) felt that the Society was not responsive to queries and seemed mainly to cater to retirees. I will be very interested to see what sort of messages it presents and may consider rejoining, depending on how dynamic and able to cater to the diverse interest groups within Chelsea the reconstituted Society appears to be.



  4. The Chelsea Society needs to be a bit more. Like the Kensington Society, with everything that is going on in their patch. This should be welcomed news.

  5. The Chelsea Society should reflect the interests of all residents.

    There are many issues which need addressing including the way RBKC council put the interests of developers before the wishes of RBKC residents.


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