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Monday, 26 September 2016


Council officers are like wolves who smell blood. 
When they sense a Cabinet member is not up to the job they circle around snapping, snarling and generally making clear to the hapless and hopeless councillor who runs the show.

Two cabinet members fall into this category: Cllrs Weale and Elizabeth Campbell. 

Both are are no  match for their departmental officers so happily sit back taking their £40,000 a year allowance letting officers run the show.
Though Daniel Moylan may be tyrannical no officer would dare to step out of line as they do with Campbell and Weale.

The Dame will be airing both these numpty's dirty linen soon.

Was Weale given a Cabinet position because she lost her City insurance job? It seems likely.
As for Elizabeth Campbell, her record is a disgrace.


  1. As usual, the Dame sums up the situation precisely. Officers running rings around their weak Cabinet members. Weale ("we agreed to listen but not to hear") and Campbell ("Holland Park School cost nothing") are shafted daily.

    1. Wasp is telling porkies. Cllr Weale was heard to say "we agreed to hear but not to listen". Wasp must get his facts right

    2. 16.05 is being pedantic. It means the same thing, whichever way Cllr Weale said it. Councillor giving residents the finger.

  2. what a wonderful real-life portrait of the Cabinet...

  3. Time and again this blog has highlighted the fact that this council is now being run by Hammersmith and Westminster Officers, not Kensington Officers or even Kensington Councillors. The Officers rule, despite not actually being elected to do so, they show total contempt for residents by ignoring them or writing letters to them on Hammersmith headed paper. Although the good Dame may focus on these two Councillors, the rot is at the top and it filters down. Pegit Brown is utterly useless, he wanders aimlessly in and out of his listening programme and like Weale listens but does not hear. He has no intention of keeping the standards of this Borough. Whilst he wanders the Borough is literally being run by Hammersmith. The Labour Party in Hammersmith dictate what will happen here because they can control the officers, Councillors are literally asleep at the wheel. We need a change of leadership, its time that Robert Freeman was given the opportunity to shine. Enough of this nonsense.

  4. I think it comes from a biblical quote that involves "hearing but not listening". Weale got it the wrong way round. Nuff said!

    1. She likes biblical quotes. Funny how some of these Councillors puff and then deliver their gravitas words. Disgraced ex Cllr Phelps liked to intone "my revenge is a dish served cold"


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