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Thursday, 8 September 2016


The Friends of the Odeon cinema, supported by twenty-eight thousand residents, as well as luminaries from the world of cinema and the dramatic arts, have slaved to save one of the most impressive of Art Deco cinemas.
Supported by billionaire funders, the Friends thought the Council would take account of the wishes of residents and ensure its survival by making it an Asset of Community Value.
Tragically, our Council is in awe of its barbarian property developer friends and refuses
This twitter feed is interesting. It tells us much about the unfortunate and crude, Daniel Moylan.
One might have thought that having been out of Birmingham for many years his bad taste and common behaviour would have left him; it seems not.
Moylan's attempts at a serious political career have eluded him and led to no glittering prizes. Even his attempt to become a council leader was thwarted by sixteen-year-old Rocky Feilding embarrassing!  
Daniel, it's time to stand back and take stock of yourself. 
There is ample reason why good people won't work with you.
People don't like crude bullies with an over inflated opinion of themselves.
What might work on Birmingham City Council does not work here.
You may have ridden yourself of a Brummie accent, but have failed to adapt to refined ways of the Royal Borough.
You claim to have 'judgment and experience...well, that has been of no help to investors. 
They have lost many millions invested in the two property funds you are/were a director of.
So, zip it up....



  1. Such a boor is Moylan

    1. Our boy looks very sick. Hope it is not too serious.

  2. This is vintage Moylan - Custers last stand.

  3. One twitter user Simon Manning (a good egg) asked Graham Stalewood on the twittersphere "...Comments? @rbkc planning knew of plans to demolish Kensington Odeon on 15th August?"

    The reply from Stalewood was brickwall "This is a personal account - please use @RBKC for Council matters. Thank you"

    Yeah, good luck there getting a response from @RBKC.

    This does raise questions, what did the council and Graham Stalewood know? What is Graham being so shy about?

  4. Did Moylan delete his tweets?

  5. The Odeon affair is yet another RBKC travesty. It's Moylan's arrogant attitude that needs to be demolished.

    1. This is all so silly. Its an ugly rat infested building in huge need of maintenance and repair. The sensible thing is to knock it down and start again. Market forces (which have served us well for hundreds of years) resulted in the Ritblat proposal. If the community wants something else, that's fine. So long as they are prepared to pay for it.

      Just listen to the silence.

    2. Rat infested? Could you substantiate that? I know there are RATblats at the Odeon, is this what you meant to say?

      The market for luxury housing has tanked and continues to do so, this was even before brexit or the EU referendum was announced.

      Whilst proper housing is on the rise. Those are the true market forces, don't have to look far to see Developers at Battersea, Wellington Barracks and Earls Court are struggling like a dying duck.

      The same will happen at the Odeon. There is a backer which is why TC said "Get a bloomin' move on" with leveling the Odeon.

      Just listen to Balanced Opinion's silence everyone.

    3. Try and get a single member of the rabid 27000 to put their hands in their pockets. All trouble makers and bored pensioners

    4. Ha! Ha! Ha! Trouble makers and bored pensioners! You don't get out much do you.

      Could you elaborate on who and why these tax paying residents are troublemakers?

      Poor, poor, Balanced Opinion sad and alone making statements you can't substantiate.

  6. If you had taken the trouble to take an interest you would know that 27,000 residents supported the scheme to save the cinema with an exciting and profitable alternative. Three potential backers are standing by. Please don't display your crass stupidity on the Hornet; it's so embarrassing. Oh, and market forces, when manipulated by corrupt agents have not always served us well. Minerva is a company steeped in corruption.

    1. Well said! Hurrah for the residents!

      Down with Developers!


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