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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


As usual, Worked at RBKC is spot on. If you were a private individual would you want Miss Sarna writing letters on your behalf? I think not....
Time to outsource legal work?

WorkedatRBKC31 July 2013 19:23

It's difficult to believe that Miss Sarna's letter was written by 
solicitor at all. 
It lacks any sort of precision which is essential to a legal 

Then again, legal services always did contract out the more 
complicated stuff so presumably this was beyond her leaving 
you to wonder why council tax payers fund the legal services 
team at all.


  1. We don't know who was allegedly defamed by the Grenfell blog. The Council as a whole is totally obsessed with secrecy. This is true to the point that no public political debate is permitted. Residents' only outlets are The Dame and a handful of equally brave bloggers.

    In RBKC public consultation is a sham. Time after time, diligent officers seek public opinion on community issues, which is then manipulated beyond recognition or simply suppressed by the Hornton Street clique. This pattern seems to have been followed over Grenfell. Any blogger brave enough to publicly object to the destruction of a community is invariably met with the Council's standard threats.

  2. Building a new school for local children so that they are not dispersed and sent all over west London to get their secondary education is hardly "the destruction of a community". The sheer joy in the eyes of parents when they ask about the progress of the building works to make sure that their children can be part of its first intake is wonderful to behold.

    1. Perhaps, 9.59, (or should I call you JB?) you should try hanging around in Bomore Road next to the demilition site and talk to some of the passeers-by you meet there. You won't see much 'sheer joy' in their eyes I promise you.

      The joy in the eyes of the parents you refer to, who presumably don't live anywhere near the hellish KALC site, may well disappear in time also when they see the finished product, an inadequate school, with little or no external space crammed onto an overdeveloped site and cheek by jowl with a tower block whose residents hate and resent the imposition of this monstrosity on what used to be their greenspace ansd playspace.

      By the way, you also pulled that tired old trick (ie tired old lie) of implying that opponents of this project are against the provision of local schools for local kids. We are not. But we continue to maintain that this is the wrong site, is totally unsuitable for this use, and is being forced on the LW community to the detriment of all.

      RBKC clearly have a big problem accepting our right to make such statements, and to debate and criticise the state of Lancaster West EMB, the decline and demoralisation of which RBKC bear a major responsibility for.

      Many thanks Dame Hornet for the extensive coverage you have given this issue - I know that you even interrupted your summer vacation to do so.

      That's what we call above and beyond the call......

      Citizen Smith

  3. Councillor Blakeman lives very comfortably in middle class housing with a nice private communal garden and does not give a damn about the suffering of her constituents on Lancaster West Estate who are condemned to live in third world conditions.
    Labour sacrificed their souls and the wellbeing of Lancaster West residents at the shiny alter of KALC a long time ago and despise residents attempts to highlight this injustice.
    The latest Labour Newsletter lied and promised hope and wider investment for Lancaster West but we now know that there is no money available and residents face only the "managed decline" of our homes before the Council come and "socially cleanse" the area. Don't expect any help from our useless local Labour Councillors when this starts happening as they don't know the meaning of proper resistance and will simply bleat that they have "no power".
    The imposition of KALC and removal of residents "rights of way" up to Ladbroke Grove has further exacerbated the "social apartheid" that exists between Lancaster West and the surrounding community and Labour have done nothing to address this problem and assist local residents.
    Councillor Blakeman does not like attention being brought to the slum like conditions that now exist on Lancaster West and appears keen to collude with the Ruling Party Tories to ensure any dissent or resistance from the Estate's residents is squashed and that their legitimate voices and complaints remain unheard.
    Time for Labour to find a new Leader with new values to lead North Kensington out of the darkness.

  4. Get real 21.00 - all of our councillors are comfortably housed – especially Cllr. O’Neill. Do you seriously think all Labour councillors ought to live in scarce public sector housing, no matter what their circumstances?

    1. I must say 16.33 that yours is very poor and shallow response to 19.00, who made a number of impassioned and very valid points, the majority of which you completely ignored so that you could troll him with a single false, simplistic and utterly ridiculous argument.

      I hope you are not really a Labour councillor, as your post implies.

  5. What has happened to the totally useless Labour Councillor Todd Foreman?
    It is rumoured that he has disappeared from his luxury Holland Park apartment and moved to the leafy countryside.
    If this is the case, when will the Ward by-election take place to find his replacement?

  6. Building a new school for local children so that they are not dispersed and sent all over west London to get their secondary education is hardly "the destruction of a community". Solicitors in Notting Hill


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