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Saturday, 6 July 2013


The Dame has been a consistent supporter of Nick Paget-Brown....a pity he had to 'adopt' Rock Feilding Mellen....but that's politics. 
However, on the plus side he is doing his best to deal with the frightful Cockell/Moylan inheritance. WorkedatRBKC always talks a great deal of sense and there is no better time to absorb his wise words than now. Let's not allow Danny 'Boys' Moylan's mischief making to dent our regard for Nick. Many of the problems we face are those resulting from crass decisions made by the Cockell/Moylan junta: give Paget-Brown the break and support he deserves.

"Perhaps the ill informed masses could stop taking so many pops at NPB? It's all getting a bit childish. He has many years of Pooter's incompetence to undo and many many things to tackle a lot of which are not visible to people who want to swim in the pool at Holland Park School. That is a relatively low priority I would hope in the scale of things that need to be achieved. However the well identified, selfish part of the Kensington population which I would add is not representative of that vast majority of charming and helpful people I worked with over many years want their priority first in total ignorance of how many things which really are much more important that NPB has to tackle.

Now children, give the man a chance. He is way better than many others who might have got the job. You are expecting way too much of him too quickly. Patience is a virtue which selfish people lack. He needs at least six months to start to make an impression".


  1. Another padded article of nothing

    1. Daniel...stop being petulant...accept your deserved defeats with good grace please

  2. Completely agree - give NPB a chance. He does things quietly, behind the scenes and without fanfare. Rome was not built in a day.

  3. Retired Chief Executive7 July 2013 at 09:41

    Leaders who pick up bad situations need to act decisively and quickly. Only weak Leaders hide behind the excuse of "it takes time". Four rules for Cllr Paget-Brown to consider
    (i) go for some quick wins (eg stop endorsing stupid ideas like UFOs landing in Kensington Car Parks)
    (ii)delegate to the busiest people to get fast results (eg tell Cllr Coleridge to get on with it and fix the Holland Park School issue. Give him a weak to do it and make it clear that he will be moved on if there is no result)
    (iii) fire people who do not perform and make an example early on (you only need to do it once)
    (iv) identify an area of cultural rot (eg the Planning Department) and bring in new Leadership

    None of this is rocket science. It sometimes needs a jolt to wake up new Leaders if they came from a sclerotic system in the first place. Cllr Paget-Brown was elected by a small group. Presumably they expect something of him and will support him.

    And then there is also disappointed Cllr Moylan. He is clearly a person of ability and cannot be allowed to sulk because he will make mischief. You do not need to like the people that you work with so long as they get results. Why not set Moylan up against Headmaster Hall? At least that problem would be solved

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  5. There are some big things that have been talked about forever because no one has any intention of doing anything about them. It is a game. For example, Holland Park Opera. The Opera Season for 2014 is already spoken for and paid for and there are full time Council staff in the company. If Cllr Paget-Brown has an ounce of Leadership in him he would resolve the scandal as follows:
    (i) immediate notice given that there will be no more Council subsidy at the end of the 2014 season (ie all funding stops in August 2014
    (ii) no further contracts to be signed with immediate effect that are underwritten by the Council
    (iii) all Council facilities and services after August 2014 to be charged with fully built up costs (eg erection and dismantling of tent, storage of tent, etc)
    (iv) Council staff given three months (ie October 2013) to decide whether they want to stay with the Opera - whatever its future - or be relocated to other Council work
    (v) those who want to relocate to other Council work to be offered a position within six months ie April 2014. If they do not accept they are deemed to have resigned and given notice to the Council

    This clarity would put the Friends and all others on notice who have been milking the system for years. They can test the market and find alternative funding or go out of business.

    The only people who matter in all of this are residents. Those who attend the opera will not be short changed. They can attend Covent Garden or English National Opera instead. Local, wider range of operas,
    longer season and cheaper seats available.

  6. Leaders have to lead and learn how to secure their position. Lets not get soft and bleat about "giving Nick time". Cllr Cockell understood the dynamics of politics. He hated Moylan more than any of the other Councillors but understood that in order to secure his future he needed to make Moylan his Deputy. And as we know, Pooter then went on to milk the system for fourteen years, secure in the knowledge that his chief trouble maker was buckled down. Paget-Brown's Cabinet making strikes one as somewhat naive


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