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Monday, 15 July 2013


Our LibDem their seniors in the Cabinet give the impression of being 'holier than thou.' 
In truth they are a party of opportunistic money grabbers with no conscience about how they fill their coffers. 
Their dubious money grabbing tactics are entrenched in Liberal history and trace back to that old lascivious Welsh goat, Lloyd George.
Flogging honours to raise party funds was done with great success in those long gone days. 
Many of today's 'aristocrats' owe their positions to Maundy Gregory. Gregory broked honours on behalf of Lloyd George with huge success.
So how does the pious leader of the little Lib Dem group feel about her little flocks' campaigning expenses being paid for by the likes of Michael Brown, a convicted fraudster who stole millions and gave over £3 million to the Lib Dems(which they now refuse to return). Cllr Caruana will never tell us!

Or the donation by Rumi Verjee, the pizza entrepreneur who made his £800,000 through Brompton Capital.... a company resident for tax purposes in Jersey!
Verjee-ing on the ridiculous

So peerage for his bucks, but doubtless having been entertained by Clegg at Chevening he might feel he deserves an 'arise Sir Rumi' rather than a lunch. 

And Clegg, in dealing with people like Verjee, should remember there is no such thing as a free lunch.....

One chap who won't be waiting long for his peerage is local K&C resident and nightclub entrepreneur, James Palumbo.
James is a highly intelligent chap and shrewd to boot. 
Why would he give £500,000 to this pathetic party of losers....
We shall soon find out whether his £500k is going to get him to the Lords....


  1. Funny to think that Linda Wade and friends had their expenses paid by a convicted fraudster

  2. Young Palumbo has it in the bag. He has already been told he will be a Lord - all he now has to do is visit Liz at Buck House for the formality. But £500k is an awful lot to pay for the privilege of sitting alongside a bunch of crooks, scoundrels and fuddy duddies. But they do get free meals, the best wines and £300 per day (tax free) when they show up

    1. The guy is not an entrepreneur for nothing. He knows an opportunity when he sees one. He hates his father (another Lord) and this is a small step to getting even. Good business for the Lib Dems

  3. Fly On The Wall16 July 2013 at 18:01

    Scrounging, paying for favours, and taking public money is not confined to the Lib Dems. Take for example Cllr Pascall, a favourite of disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockell. Pascall is a person of low intelligence and low earning capacity. But he has children at expensive schools. The sums do not add up. He lists four properties in the Borough in his Members Interests, most of which are rented out. He lives in the smallest and puffs himself up with some grand schools for the kids. But what is a person like this doing on the Planning Committee? Clearly a situation to be followed by the Hornet. The Phelps affair raises its ugly head and the patronage of Pooter is another red light.

    1. I think Pascall took the easy route for an aspiring politician, and married money.

  4. Mrs Clegg is a legal expert in tax avoidance schemes for foreign people investing in Britain and for Brits setting up offshore trusts. This has created a market of huge property values in central London which the Lib Dems now want to clobber with a Mansion Tax. Asset rich and income poor widows at the margin will suffer terribly. But who cares? Certainly not the Lib Dems

    Pass the sick bag, Dame

  5. I'm genuinely surprised that the Dame feels it necessary to dredge up 100 year old scandals surrounding David Lloyd George.

    There are certainly some unattractive goings on now, but they are equally certainly not confined to the Lib Dems. Unfortunately where there is influence there will always be those willing to pay for it.


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