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Monday, 29 July 2013


This is the response to Miss Sarna of  RBK&C's Legal Team.

Pondering upon it The Dame wonders just how many lawyers the Council employs. In house lawyers need careful scrutiny: they have a tendency to breed like parasites and become a huge financial burden to taxpayers. Moreover they love to find useless work.. demonstrated by this example.
Anyway, it seems Grenfell Action Group are well capable of defending themselves from the bullying attempts to silence them.
Private Eye will be taking a good look at what lies beneath all this: it should be most interesting.

Whoever authorised 'senior solicitor' Miss Sana to write this farcical letter needs to be given a severe talking to. How much more sensible it would have been if senior councillors had engaged with the group over a cup of tea and some biscuits.......
But another question raised by the letter is why RBKC's legal team should be providing legal services to non employees. Bullying never Cllr Moylan has found out to his chagrin.


  1. Stand Up For Britain29 July 2013 at 12:57

    Excellent letter. Excellent, excellent, excellent

    1. Come on Paget-Brown, show some Leadership and put a stop to this nonsense. It does not require time - just a phone call to your Chief Solicitor. Get your Ward Councillors to sit down with the Action Group and sort it. It may even require your personal intervention - but that is the price for screwing up in the first place.

    2. Lets hope that Private Eye goes to town on this. Public ridicule is the only thing that the Hitlers in the K&C council seem to understand

  2. Sloane Square Veteran29 July 2013 at 12:58

    The reptiles in Hornton Street have a short memory

  3. We are not cattle. When will Hornton Street learn this?

    1. Follower Of Moylan29 July 2013 at 13:04

      We know you are not cattle. You are muppets

    2. Being a kindred spirit of Moylan you probably have, like him, a serious social problem.
      Those of a working class background, like Moylan, who have socially advanced themselves
      tend to hate the class from which they originate.
      Moylan has done all he can to distance himself from his class....even to the extent of having elocution lessons to eradicate his Brummie accent! However, both of you should remember your backgrounds and cease being traitors to your class

  4. As stated many times before on Hornet, Moylan is unacceptable to the residents of the Borough and beyond.

    However, this is not a reflection on the city of his birth; his accent; nor his father's profession. It is the result of the very evident flaws in his personality.

  5. It's difficult to believe that Miss Sarna's letter was written by a solicitor at all. It lacks any sort of precision which is essential to a legal argument.

    Then again, legal services always did contract out the more complicated stuff so presumably this was beyond her leaving you to wonder why council tax payers fund the legal services team at all.


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