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Friday, 27 January 2017


David Graham, the 'barely there' owner of the Old Court House DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DO THIS....
So what does Mr. Graham NOT WANT YOU TO DO?

He does not want you to click HERE! and write a short message to the Council objecting to the basement application on the grounds of

noise, increased traffic dangers, pollution and the fact that there is an existing basement.
What he wants is for residents to keep quiet about his plan to ruin lives for the next few years.
Savills are employed to oversee his massive basement scheme. 
They are notorious liars and refuse to tell the truth about the disastrous impact the scheme will have.
Similar massive basement projects in Kensington have caused long term misery for residents; not just from noise, dust, dangerous driving and pollution but because of severe structural damage to nearby buildings.

We all complain that the Council never listens. 
This is your moment to make your voice heard. 
You must write and object before February 10th.


  1. We Too Have A Voice28 January 2017 at 09:07

    There need to be at least three written objections in order to force the issue out of the hands of Officers (the Brown Envelopes) and into the Planning Committee.

    The Planning Committee Councillors (politicians) then need to be made aware of public feeling. Ways of doing this include:
    (i) many formal letters of objection which Officers need to publish and reply to (the letters can be sent easily on the Council website)
    (ii) speaking against the proposal at the Planning Committee
    (iii) letters of objection from the learned bodies eg Kensington Society, and representative bodies eg Resident Associations, also sent via the Council website
    (iv) articles in the press (eg Evening Standard) shortly before the Planning Committee
    (v) direct emails to Planning Committee Councillors (Officers hate this because they lose control). Generally there are 5 Councillors on the Planning Committee and the names can be obtained from the Council website a week before the meeting when papers and Agenda are published

    Remember that Officers and Planning Committee Councillors generally have contempt for residents who are considered a nuisance and an inconvenience. The system goes to great lengths to suppress objections eg the the three minute rule which denies objectors the fair time to make their case at Planning Committee, in spite of the fact that the developers have spent months meeting with Officers, figuring out the land, and often stuffing Brown Envelopes.

    Objectors need to be well researched, passionate and bloody minded. They also need the will power to batter their way into the heads of Councillors like Quentin Marshall (Chairman of the Planning Committee) who love to feel important by moving in the company of the rich and mighty developers and Arab owners of Harrods. And human failure Quentin loves the thrill of "divide and rule".

    There are some shining examples of residents who know how to deal with these rodents. Dr James Thomson, Prof Gordon Taylor, and the Dame are a few names that come to mind.

    And remember the words of Cabinet Member Cllr Tim Ahern. "Planning in Hornton Street needs to be more resident friendly". The Leader, Cllr Paget-Brown, has failed to make any impact on the prevailing culture in his most important resident facing Department. Planning in K&C is a "no go" area for justice, common sense, and community interests. It is the preserve of rapacious developers, rich exploiters and Brown Envelopes.

  2. WALTON STREET TRADER28 January 2017 at 10:36

    "Hornet's Nest must be thanked for expressing in clear English the puzzling matter of a second basement for Number 1A Walton Street. The truth is, that a legion of concern about this proposed development has been stated clearly and fervently by many. Mr Graham, the rarely sighted Citizen Kane, of Walton Street is submitting an application that every person in the surrounding streets is up in arms about. The council must not be pusillanimous in dealing with this matter. We expect them to consider the real anxieties of thousands of residents and businesses rather than the whimsy of one grasping entrepreneur."

  3. Now is the time for all residents and traders to come to the aid of the purpose.... and make themselves heard...

  4. Where are the MPs here. Greg Hands and Victoria Borwick constantly sit on their hands whilst residents are made ill from worry and stress.

    On another note Lord Borwick had to declare an interest knowing Jonathan Bore read it here

    Bore is doing public scrutiny; who would have thunk it, eh.

  5. If Savills are involved then we know it is underhand and corrupt, in the words of the song " Nobody does it better"

  6. The silence from Wellcome Trust is deafening.

    They own most of the freehold property surrounding the Old Court House, and in pure mathematics stand to lose the most. However I hear that they will neither comment nor help their tenants to fight this appalling and monstrous plan submitted by Savills which will ruin the lives of local residents and businesses. So this ginormous Charity stands idly by, whilst the value of their property portfolio is being protected by the time, effort and costs of others.

    Is The Wellcome Trust really that frightened of Savills?

    1. My understanding is that Savills are the managing agents for Wellcome Trust in this area. As such Wellcome Trust should be telling Savills what to do. But this is not the case here -the tail is obviously wagging the dog.

    2. It is true that Savills do act as the Managing Agents of Wellcome Trust and as such should be protecting the Trust’s property interests by in turn looking after the rights of their tenants who pay the rent. However Savills are also the Agents acting on behalf of Graham and his attempt to build a second monster basement. If that is not a conflict of interests, I don’t know what is!

  7. I read today that unmanned drones can be perched on top of buildings to monitor pollution levels in London. Put a few of those on the roofs of Walton Street and see how long they last if this horrendous development is allowed to proceed. Even a mechanical Robot would suffocate, let alone real humans or kids.

  8. How can the Council allow one selfish person to ruin a lovely neighbourhood? I find it difficult to follow the technical arguments involved, but surely common sense should prevail. Has anyone recently stood near a 30 foot lorry and tried to breathe normally? I see references to ready mix trucks and 30 foot lorries. Are they petrol? Or are they diesel and emit those dangerous small particles so harmful to the lungs? Do they carry on “ticking over” and belching fumes whilst loading and offloading? I will have to remember to pack my Ventolin inhaler any time I go near there, or avoid the area completely.


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