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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Dearest Dame

Earls Court residents pay towards hanging baskets to be hung from lampposts. Sadly, since the Summer they have not been replaced and the lamp posts remain bare into the New Year.
When the council has been called residents are told that the hanging baskets have not been replaced due to “health and safety”.
Dame, this naughty fib has caused guffaws of laughter.
Philbeach Gardens, home to 'Lord' Pooter Cockell and Cllr 'Hello Sailor' Spalding, seems unaffected by 'ealth n' safety' since the Gardens are not just abundant with gorgeous hanging baskets but fairy lights too!
More curious still is the question as to who paid to make Philbeach Gardens a riot of colour and light.
Was it the Council or Sailor Spalding's mates at CapCo?
Maybe Cllr Spalding can shed some light on this.....
As ever

Commander, the Hon. B*****y  P*****s, RN rtd


  1. The Dame apologise for the loss of the comment. Please kindly re-post

  2. [Not your first post] Presumably these baskets are funded by the ward councillors’ City Living pot of money, so did Cllr Spalding declare an interest when baskets in his street were garlanded with lights and not Philbeach? And did Cllr Wade approve this expenditure or did the two Tory councillors out-vote her? We should be told.

  3. Fairy lights is what it is all about

  4. I recall Warwick Rd's hanging baskets being sold to me by one local VIP - no shrinking Violet, he - as something splendid to behold for visitors en route to the 2012 Olympics events. Could the baskets' absence explain why Earl's Court is lately devoid of the millions that once flocked here, massively boosting the local economy? (Nothing at all to do with some silly baskets' decision to approve the calamitous destruction of a vital exhibition centre / UK shop window at a time when "Britain is open for business" as our trite-soundbite-prone accidental PM repeatedly likes to have it?)

  5. Health & Safety? balderdash... These baskets can be seen throughout the Borough. Some silly fart must complained that the flowers give him hay fever....

    as for 'Fairy' lights, what ab appropriate description..

  6. I am not one for street furniture but even I noticed that these flower baskets had gone.

    Walking part of the way to work I also see the trees on upper Warwick road are dead or dying not being attended to by the council.

  7. Yes Dame, very important question. Where did the money come from for Spalding's Christmas street lights?

  8. These baskets are the least of the worries for Earls Court Residents. The toxic fumes from traffic, increased traffic including huge trucks demolishing Earls Court Exhibition centre. All of which will make residents sick. Warwick Road is used as a racetrack by high speed motorbikes, a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt. And another sad death of an elderly person on Cromwell Road Crossing to Tesco....a complete death trap.....what are the Councillors doing about this? Absolutely Nothing.

    1. Important as this is a possible missuse of public funds. Or that alien funds are corrupting councillors. That's why this is just as important as fumes!

  9. So Spalding gets his Flower baskets but not other residents. Don't see residents letting him stay on next year!

    1. A tin of Spam would get elected if it stood as a Tory here. What's the difference you, let me get back to you.

    2. Cllr Wade got in! Twice!

      Shows that just because they're a conservative doesn't mean it's a done deal.

      Best example is Trump, people are sick to death of Cllrs & officers pandering to developers, builders and foreign crims.

      The only way to send the message home is vote them out next year.

  10. Hurrah for the Dame! The flower baskets have returned to Earls Court residents' streets. Looks like claims of Health & Safety by the council were not the case.

    Many thanks Dame!


    The Philbeach baskets, flowers and lights are all owned by Philbeach Residents' Association (PRA).

    They are planted and maintained by community volunteers.

    Malcolm raises the money to pay for this by voluntary contributions from the PRA members and neighbours. He raises several hundred pounds each year, sources the plants, organises the planting, and does all the watering and maintenance himself.

    He has been doing this for about 20 years, and does not expect any praise or recognition.

    It is a wonderful example of communal activity by friends and residents, in a spirit of positive good neighbourliness, without public money or council involvement.

    Try it ! We just get on and do it. It is to be encouraged throughout the Royal Borough.


    1. Dave thanks for taking the time to answer this.

      No need for a "CORRECTION" a question was being asked why in Philbeach, which houses two councillors, had their flower baskets and not other hard working Earls Court residents did not have theirs for months with the council claiming "health and safety" a fib.

      You made us laugh telling us old Malc "sources the plants, organises the planting, and does all the watering and maintenance himself." Where does he find the time?

      Malc must be good shinning up and down the ladder because of his days in her Majesty's senior service whistling at the Captain's daughter, swabbing the deck and running his hands up sailors' legs crying "shake a leg lads". Oh, the memories!

      This post from the Dame must have hit a sore spot if your neighbour and Monobright partner Cllr Spalding ordered you to defend his honour.

      Thanks for teaching us a thing or two with your condescending "Try it! We just get on and do it." just shows how your only care for those on your road not in the surrounding area, a Trump isolationist, otherwise your outrage would be directed at the council not fulfilling their contractual obligations not attacking fellow paying residents asking where the money came from for the fairy lights when they can't get their flower baskets that they paid for.

    2. Has each of your lamp posts been stress tested recently to see if they are legally able to hold the baskets ? If not they should be and if they were how much did you pay to have it done ?

  12. Cllr Spalding raises money but how much of that comes from CapCo?

    We would really like to know.

    Is it FoI time again?

  13. The hanging baskets in Eardley Crescent were removed a few years back as an RBKC employee said after they had hung there for years that they were dangerous and could fly off and kill someone in a high wind ???? They eventually replaced them with wrap round baskets. Last year they came and removed them again without notice , on enquiry the residents were told the council cannot afford the baskets and if they put the baskets back they would have to make redundancies in their parks department in order to afford them ? I have seen and been told by neighbours that the baskets are back due to a very kind manager at a hotel in Eardley Crescent paying for them for this season, so a big thank you to them but why should they have to ? Why does the council keep them in some streets and remove them from others ?

    1. What is going on in Earls Court!

      Talking to a well to do bird in those parts, I asked her about these flower baskets she said to me CapCo were footing the bill for them. When the flower baskets were removed she suggested it was because the CapCo could not afford it.

      Dame can we get an answer to this. I know this is a small matter but if Philbeach gardens claim their association get theirs from generous donations, then who is paying for the baskets?

      Council, associations or CapCo?

    2. Capco used to sponsor some and stopped when all their plans got passed though they do assist with sponsoring the Christmas lights on Earls Court Road , and people ask me why I am cynical. In Eardley Crescent for example the council has refused to pay and as has been said a hotel manager has paid for them to go back up (thank you to that hotel) apparently as the council budget cannot afford them any longer. But from what I can gather local business is being hit hard by the loss of the exhibition centre , dismissal of any concerns of business by Capco who blatantly lie and say they receive no complaints and also being hit by business rates increases of 110% which will kill many more businesses off. The council claims the business rates are not down to them but the VOA state they make the bills based on the figures the councils state the rent would be worth for such businesses so another lie . Anyway I digress, I find it astounding that the council state they cannot afford any hanging baskets yet can afford them in some places , along with those gawdy awful christams lights they had on High Street Kensington that looked more like they belonged in a pound shop than being anything connected with Christmas. It is time this council were called to accounbt, the only councillor I see doing any real work and who is always out and about is Linda wade, whether you vote liberal or not ( and I don't nationally ) she works hard for the area unlike the others who do sweet sod all.

  14. At the Planning Committee last Thursday, Cllr Linda Wade was active by voting in favour of the CapCo planning application.
    Cllr Spalding resigned himself from the Committee saying that he had been an objector at all the previous CapCo applications and had led and organised all the community speakers against CapCo. He had also objected and spoken against the current application when it was at the outline stage, so he was predetermined against.
    Cllr Spalding also said that he had been at various community events which had been sponsored by CapCo such as the Christmas tree lighting in Earl’s Court Road; the past Community Carol Concerts; several of the previous years’ EC Society AGMs and the EC Film Festival.
    When challenged by the Chairman Cllr Marshall, Cllr Wade said she had never attended any of these events, sponsored by CapCo. Cllr Wade was pouring the drinks, paid for by CapCo at the EC Road turning on the Christmas lights evening; part taking in CapCo sponsored EC Society AGM and many other local events sponsored by the developers of EC Exhibition Centre.
    Cllr Spalding did not take part in the planning committee decision, but Cllr Wade did, voting for CapCo.
    Cllr Wade also had two Traffic Wardens sitting in her street outside her flat all day for the whole of last year, in case any demolition lorries made a noise outside her flat. Who paid for that – the Council or CapCo?
    Cllr Linda Wade has also been in secret talks with CapCo trying to get funding for her Church project.
    LIAR, REMOANING LIMP DICK (sic), EC deserves better. Roll on the local elections next year when EC can elect 3 Tory councillors who will work together for the benefit of our Ward.

  15. Spook is mistaken Linda Wade voted against Capco for the first important section . I was present at the Planning Meeting perhaps Spook was not. I suspect this is not the only error made by Spook some of whose allegations seem absurd.
    Philippa Jill Manasseh

  16. EC Spook is not just mistaken they are blatantly lying. How many people went to see the lights switched on , just because Capco paid for it to try and look good does not mean a person is in their pocket. Linda Wade has had no secret talks with Capco she is trying to make the best of a bad job by getting Capco to engage with local business and bear the blame for causing so much damage to them and she most certainly did not vote for Capco that is a lie and EC Spook knows it , if they believe any of it to be true I challenge them to go public with the evidence, they wont as they do not have it , only twisted versions. Crawl back under your stone EC Spook


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