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Tuesday, 26 April 2016


On the subject of thousands losing their jobs spare a thought for this taxpayer-funded  'good lifer'.
Over the past fifteen years, Cllr Danny Boys Moylan has never had a proper job.
You, the taxpayer, have been supporting him in various 'jobs' procured for him by the hapless Boris Johnson. One, the Mayor's Aviation adviser proved to be a disaster and the other, chairing some Olympic-related project, quickly folded.

But two things have inspired Danny to feel confident of maintaining his 
lifestyle: both might now prove illusory.

Possibility 1 was that 'Frank' Goldsmith would continue to find work for him.  
This seems increasingly unlikely as the unattractive Khan creeps ahead in the polls.
Possibility 2 was that Boris might have continued to be a useful patron: after all, at dinner parties, Danny boasted his patron, Boris, was PM in waiting and thus some potent job awaited him.
Boris's recent bizarre behaviour looks as if he might fall victim to Enoch Powell's wise dictum that all political careers ended in failure. 
Doesn't much look as if Boris will be Prime Minister any time soon....
So Danny could be left out in the cold and end up, like disgraced ex Cllr Phelps, having to work for the Dame in some lowly domestic position.


  1. Do the Dame's agricultural lands have need of a scarecrow? Albeit a camp one?

  2. Don't have to go that far... My luxurious sette in Holland Park could do with a portly scarecrow...

  3. 'Lord' P. Cockell26 April 2016 at 13:45

    This is what is wrong with local gov....too many elected freeloaders and too many overpaid and underworked officers

  4. Yes there is an upside to Boris leaving so will his team, including Boris' City Hall estate agent Stephen Greenhalgh who sold off Battersea & Chelsea police stations making police reponse times longer, assaulted a woman in city hall lift & is the chief champion, with the help of his Walthamstow underling Cllr John Moss, of underselling Earls Court land to ailing 'developer' CapCo.

    There will be tears, OF JOY!

  5. Haven't most of the original staff left?

    The worst workers of RBKC are the telephone operators Virginia & Ali who have no clue what is going on, obnoxious, rude, can't find references AND do not record or pass on complaints.

    Also our service is also run from Liverpool who have no idea about the area.

    Tri borough has failed.

    1. How hurtful to name officers that haven't been able to help you in the way you want. I know this team very well and they are all dedicated to helping and delivering a good service.
      The RBKC call centre is in Yorkshire when you call in outside office hours.

    2. Hurtful? Maybe they should do a better job. Laughable to say they are dedicated to a good service; naming and shaming is a good way to make the service better.

      I have also had trouble calling in trying to get answers or a reference.

      If you work with them and think they're doing a stellar job, begs the question what does your work look like?

    3. very good point. The service is pathetic. It doesn't take much brain power to recruit locals to run a local call centre

  6. Time for a post on Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring why did RBKC give her planning permission?

    Planning department is a cesspit of corruption. THe likes of Alison Flight.

    1. Moylan throws his two pennyworth on that

      "Conservative councillor Daniel Moylan said he had not received any complaints around the works but that council officers would investigate any “noisy work” outside of sociable hours if there is evidence of it. People are very anxious about what is going on in that house. It’s become something of a local icon. But it is a free country, just about, and we can’t stop her from doing the works so we will have to wait for the next steps.”

      Yes, why did the council giver her planning permission?

  7. It seems that ZLM won a planning appeal. In that case HM's Planning Inspectors granted panning permission.

    1. Makes you weep for some sanity from our fellow countrymen.

  8. If you are rich in Kensington and Chelsea you can do anything. The plebs on Hornet need to get used to it. Its life

  9. Evidence is beginning to emerge that due to the government's belated interest in residential property wrapped in offshore companies, tax havens and sky high stamp duty, the "rich" now look elsewhere to park their laundered funds.

    1. That's very true, which is why no one is buying into CapCo's Earls Court. It is going from bad to worse.


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