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Monday, 11 April 2016


So now we know......

Deeply Unpleasant
The ghastly Stella Baillie, Head of Adult Services, closed down the much loved Thamesbrook Home claiming it was affected by Legionnaires contamination and uninhabitable.
There never any need to close the home down and Baillie knew that. 
By the way, that reminds the Dame....can someone 'stand up' the claim that Baillie's daughter works in the pretentiously named, 'Cabinet Office'? 
The Dame hears a property developer, also involved with the Brunei financed Whiteleys development, has acquired a ninety-nine-year lease on Thamesbrook from RBKC. 
This, one assumes, is the first piece of a much bigger jigsaw involving an adjacent site

Anyway, this is the interesting thing....
The ultimate owner of Thamesbrook, via various secretive family trusts, is the thoroughly loathsome Sultan of Brunei.
Have a look at the developer's website and pay especially attention to Mr Hussain. LOOK HERE
Is he the Sultan's frontman? 
We should be told though doubtless we know the answer.

So sad that a much loved community asset should fall into the hands of an Islamic fundamentalist because that's just what the vile Sultan is.
The Sultan and his hypocritical lifestyle is featured HERE


  1. The daughter's name is Thea Baillie and she works with Cllr Feilding-Mellen. Nuff said!

  2. Will they be using the old stones from Thames Brook and sending them back to Brunei?

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