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Thursday, 9 July 2015


The years roll on and millions roll out. 
The total cost of arresting Julian Assange-should he decide to leave the Embassy of Ecudor, is reaching £7 million. 

The Met directly bears this and, in consequence, the poor old London taxpayer.
The bill should be picked up by the Swedish Government or our own....or split between them.
But, it's not just the cost. 
It means valuable police resources are being diverted from our streets. 
More ludicrous still is the fact that these are experienced and expensive officers from the Diplomatic Patrol Group.

The Dame, enjoying a stroll past the embassy, asked one what they could do if a high powered motor bike drove up and carried off Assange....with a smile he retorted, "Nothing- and that is a very good idea"
Time for the Borough Commander to do some of what she calls her 'straight talking'. 

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  1. The Magistrate9 July 2015 at 22:13

    I hear that the Borough Commander is not going down very well with many senior officers in K&C: in fact, unlike her predecessor, Jason Gwillim, she is loathed for her bossy ways. What caused great mirth at Notting Hill Police Station is story of the 18 stone Borough Commander telling officers to lose weight......


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