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Thursday, 16 July 2015


What on earth is the point of the Council's £450,000 a year PR department?

It only seems fit for producing the Royal Borer and nothing else judging by the hammering the Council received over the handling of the Sotello case(reported by the Dame in the previous post)

The solution is to do one of two things......

a. Scrap Fitzpatrick's useless little empire and retain proper external pr advisers
b. Merge it with H&F or Wandsworth.

It was quite incapable of putting the council's case-hence the mashing in all the national 'heavies'.


  1. The second option of (b) may be preferable, as it might void meddling by those possessing personal/financial vested interests. But it H&F or Wandsworth any better?

  2. No PR Department on earth could cope with the scale of incompetence demonstrated repeatedly by Cabinet Member for Children, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell.

  3. Paget Brown has made no real improvements in the rotten borough. Horton Street continues to churn the sort of PR garbage that insults our intelligence. It still hands £1million a year of our money to the HPO; an operation so poor, true opera lovers consider it an embarrassment. At the same time RBKC provides some sort of dreary 'festival' in north Kensington, while simultaneously shutting down it's already limited services to those in need.

  4. Very true Gnat, not very much has changed in the borough under the 'stewardship' of Paget-Brown. He is a big supporter of giving £5 million to Holland Park Opera but the humble residents in the borough have had our green recycling stopped. Madness! Non of it makes no sense. If we only has an MP that would do something.

  5. Our MP is now the president of The British Antique Dealers' Association


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