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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


And still on the subject of noise....

Thanks to Nick Paget-Brown those selfish idiots from the Gulf and other states who think it clever to ruin the lives of residents face a backlash.
If we behaved in this way in their fly blown countries we would be locked up.
They shame their countries by their vulgar behaviour

Good work Nick
You can read about it HERE


  1. So he has woken up? There are far greater problems in this Borough than this.

  2. What an unhelpful response, 10.38. If you live near Harrods, you will know how serious this problem is. I do not live there, but close enough to be bothered by these people occasionally. Give credit where credit is due.

    1. Whilst I am sure NPB is a nice person, in Local Government this is not enough, he has to manage and steer nests of bureaucrats who are empire building creatures. Its sad but a cold hard fact, he is out of touch with what matters to residents despite his imitation of the 'Listening Project'.

      Im sure this has been problem for the few people living in Knightsbridge but for the rest of the Borough its insignificant. I agree with 15:19, I think the dames well manicured finger has left the Boroughs pulse. There are far bigger fish to fry.

      Now this 'traffic issue' is solved hopefully the Dame can return to the issues that matter to the majority of the Borough, Agresso being one of them.

  3. Anonymous 10:38 Very true! There are greater problems, too many even to count.

    I don't see how the Arabs driving their cars is such a great victory for Paget-Boring and the borough, our disappointing leader is doing disastrously! It is a real shame that this is the best we have to offer for a public servant. The Paget boy Browning & the council have done nothing what so ever with Eastern European crime gangs in the area especially in South Ken with telephone boxes daubed with sex cards in one the most heavily touristed areas in the borough. Hope the Dame will add this to her campaign attack board.

    I think when Pret a Paget deals with Eastern European crime in the borough maybe, just maybe, I might take my hands out of my pockets and slow clap but till then they stay.

    Most of the houses in Knightsbridge are either not lived in or are owned by Russians or Euro trash that are away for the summer, just a few English roses are being roused from their drunken stupors by the Clarkson "SPEED!".

    Dame, bit of xenophobia here which has been seen in previous posts relating to the Arabs. I think "selfish idiots" & "vulgar behaviour" is a bit much, I don't know why they should feel shame when we have Eurotrash with zero manners.

    Our friends from the Middle East should be welcomed not rebuked.

    1. They may be your friends: they are certainly not the Dame's. Nor would I imagine these spolit, badly behaved brats are the friends of normal people.
      How can you expect them to behave in a civilised way when their leader's actively support/sponsor terrorism; persecute gay people and amputate heads and limbs? As for your ludicrous observation that they disturb just 'Russian or Euro Trash"....well, that certainly sounds xenophobic!
      Whatever the Russians do they certainly don't career around our streets at speeds endangering the lives of pedestrians and creating illegal levels of exhaust noise. As for perpetrating the silly myth that they disturb nobody: think about the elderly and frail who have to endure the pointless noise these insensitive idiots revel in. When in Rome comes to mind....
      The day these horrors ever found oil was a bad day for the world. They have been nothing but trouble ever since.

  4. I am more concerned that the Dame has lost her zeal for investigative journalism. We have tipped her off about the Agresso fiasco – the tri-borough finance system that was 18 months late, has been a disaster since it began and is not expected to be fixed until at least the end of the year. This is one of the biggest Council scandals since the SEN children’s transport tragedy. But all we get on Hornet now are regurgitated planning matters, puffs for the leadership and the sad revenge of a recently displaced leader. Wake up Ludo!

    1. For the record the story about Cllr Healy did NOT emanate from me. I have no access to sound archives and wouldn't know where to start.

      The latest tri-borough disaster should go to the press.

    2. So says cllr Dent Coad MA as she so often reminds us

  5. Yes, these cars and their drivers are a pest Many of the perps, however, are British boy racers that have cottoned on that SW1/3 is the Monte Carlo Grand Prix-lite. Positive media profile for NP-B but he needs to wade into many more serious challenges that affect the whole of K&C whose perma-blue hue fosters a culture of complacency, greed, self-entitlement and unaccountability. There are many 'racier' issues to sort out at the Boro's rotten core.

  6. A 'criminal offence', I understand. The BBC said a fine of £ 100 or so would be imposed. These 'boy-racers' tip more that £ 100 in their car wash....
    Many of the 'boy-racers' come from Doha, a dry little isle. They cannot rev up there or even drive at speed, the isle is not that long... They need an outlet for their energy and boatloads of cash. And London is the place.... Doha and most of the countries these 'boy-racers' come from are 'dry' - alcohol free places.
    How many weeks of the year these boys air freight their cars to London, for bit of fun... They are certainly NOT here during out winters.
    Dear readers, get as much dosh out of these guys, who do not mind at all to part with it... The Nest should address the more serious problems, mentioned above...

  7. These racing aces come just for the 'summer season' to escape the 40-odd degree heat of their homelands. They bring tons of cash with them which they spend here...if you have a closer look, they have their own 'social circles' and do not bother the locals at all.
    I lived in these countries for more than 30 years. I never locked my car, never saw a robbery. Filled up my tank for a quid....
    Sour grapes here me thinks.....

    1. As you obviously relish living in countries that actively support terrorism; persecute gays and behead people after so called 'trials' you probably have low standards. These people are stinkers and shouldn't be allowed here.
      Their filthy cafes are a blight on the neighbourhood

  8. These rich kids are in no way obliged to come to London, one of the worst polluted cities in Europe.... You should all be grateful for millions they bring and spend here. Many retail outlets would be out of business, even the Buddha bar..
    It is all thanks to the historical link.... the Trucial Scouts, Col Stirling, Florence of Arabia and many others who had a hand in the creation of the Gulf as we know it now...

  9. They come to London because no other city would allow them to behave as they do.
    Sad are normally eminently fact, the Dame was pondering inviting you on her summer cruise to Capri: however, on the evidence of your support for these dreadful oiks she now won't. Most of these hideous peasants come from Gulf States actively supporting terrorist groups.


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