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Monday, 8 October 2012



Looking(left) at Cllr Marshall gives no impression the polo playing councillor for Brompton is particularly 'hip'. However, his equestrian skills have come in very useful-judging from his ability to ride two horses. 
This 'thank you' letter from someone called Mr Shoreman seems to indicate that Cllr Marshall was involved in the launch!!

Dear Cllr Marshall

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the launch of the Lady Gaga Perfume at Harrods today.
I would like to thank the council for allowing this event to run and congratulate you, and harrods on a well managed event.

I look forward with pleasure to the next event.

Jon Shoreman
Poker in Europe

On one hand Marshall pretends to residents that he does all he can to protect them from the intrusive and commercially exploitative ways of Harrods.....on the other he actively encourages & gets involved in their projects!
His involvement encourages Harrods to continue to disrupt the lives of residents. It underscores the two facedness of Marshall and the council: the man is an utter disgrace. 

To quote well known local resident activist, Farih Tabbah....

"We find giving permission to Harrods  to launch a PERFUME FOR LADY GAGA by closing half of Knightsbridge roads from 6 to 10 o"clock on Sunday evening the most disgraceful thing any Council can do to the residents of Knightsbridge. This is the most appalling precedent and it is obvious that whoever gave this planning permission has no feeling or civility for the people living in this area"


Dear Cllr Marshall
We find giving permission to Harrods  to launch a PERFUME FOR LADY GAGA by closing half of Knightsbridge roads from 6 to 10 o"clock on Sunday evening the most disgraceful thing any Council can do to the residents of Knightsbridge. This is the most appalling precedent and it is obvious that whoever gave this planning permission has no feeling or civility for the people living in this area. Almost three thousand people were standing in Hans Road / Basil Street and Hans Crescent shouting GAGA until 9.30 p.m. with music blaring. ALL THIS TO LAUNCH A PERFUME !!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE HELL WITH THE RESIDENTS AS LONG AS THE QATARI ROYAL FAMILY IS HAPPY. When will this Council understand that THIS IS ALSO A RESIDENTIAL AREA AND HARRODS MUST BE RESTRAINED. ARE WE GOING TO SEE THE SAME THING HAPPENING WHENEVER HARRODS DECIDES TO LAUNCH A PERFUME???????. As I write the time 10 p.m. and still young people are outside in droves shouting.The people in the Council has lost all reality and they have no idea as to what they and Harrods are doing to the area which has deteriorated to unprecedented level.

May we please ask you as our Councillors to put a stop to this most appalling precedent.


1 Walton Place
Residents First


  1. Was Cllr Moylan at the launch? I hear he is a big fan of Lady Gaga and her perfume.....

  2. It seems that Boris is now sneering at Pooter Cockell

    1. where does it say anything about that - show me the sentence – paragraph

  3. Cllr it is !!!!

    "The most famous owner of a new Victorian terrace house in upper Holloway was Mr Pooter Cockell and the whole point about Mr Pooter Cockell was that he was a bit pretentious, given his job, which was to work as a lowly sort of clerk. He ranked well below the Milibands on the socio-economic scale; and yet he was a part of the service industries — banking, insurance, accountancy, law — that made London the richest and most powerful commercial capital on earth."

  4. for those who cannot bother to read this comment section in detail - that hyper link does lead to the paragraph above. What you are reading is just abuse from one person who thinks the only individual who can disagree with them is Cllr Palmer. Wrong again.


    Not Cllr Palmer

  5. I agree: I have met Cllr Cockell and told me that he does not get £130,000 a year...he said that he had given up £3,000 of his Leader's allowance and now has to struggle on just £127,000 a year. It is a shame that the Dame has it in for this paragon of a public servant. I was shocked that she dared give the story to the Daily Mail about Sir Merrick taking a holiday during the Olympics. The man has many more important duties than wasting his time on the Olympics. He also told me the cost of the villa was only £4,000 a week-not£5,500, which the Mail lied about.

  6. According to Mr. Pooter's Diary, he did not own the house in Holloway; he merely rented it. Mr. Pooter was not a property speculator but a humble wage slave.

  7. Can anyone corroborate the story that Pooter Cockell DID rent a council flat off Fulham Rd and then did a right to buy?

    1. Elm Park Gdns to be precise. Genteel council housing for the not so genteel

    2. More creaming by the nominal Leader of K&C, Pooter Cockell

  8. Why is anyone surprised about the Harrods perfume splurge? Official Council policy is to favour business over residents. The poodle Marshall of course follows orders.

    Cllr Ahern announced that he intended to make the Planning System more resident friendly when he became Cabinet Member for planning. Not much has happened. Nothing in fact.

    The tradition was taken up by Cllr Bark (without the bite)horder who promised in his election literature to stop the Arabs speeding around Harrods in their fast and noisy cars. Of course nothing has happened. Bark is all set for great career of poodling in Hornton Street

    Pass the sick bag, Dame

  9. Councillor Marshall acts as the spoilt and privileged brat he is. He like a number of councillors is completely unfit and under qualified to carry out the role of a councillor in RBK&C correctly. Why RBK&C attracts so many go getters who are then accepted and encouraged by the leader I just do not know. But then I see it, although there is no question that there is a wealth of talented, experienced and honest people who would make excellent councillors they are not either encouraged or accepted as councillors. The answer lies in the fact the people who have integrity and who really care could put the position of the leader in jeopardy by rocking the boat. The Leader does not want people who may question some of the antics which go on at Hornton Street and clearly this latest outrage of Councillor Marshall and Harrods should be fully investigated and could well finish with another resignation or sacking.

  10. Public service types with integrity will not come forward to serve as Conservative Councillors in the Cockell Administration

  11. Cllr Marshall talks the talk about residential amenity but then is often conveniently absent when it's time to walk the walk. As his support of Harrods proves, he is firmly in the pocket of local business.

  12. Perhaps, like his friend in Elm Park Gardens, Cllr Marshall didn't like to stray too far from his bachelor pad on Beauchamp Place to see his fav popstar. Too bad for the rest of us plebs who had to put up with the inconvenience all this celeb worship caused.

  13. Sad how the poodles put out their grubby little paws at the first smell of dog food

  14. This revved up socialite fails to understand that by attending events like this he gives the Council's "Seal of Approval" to all the rubbish that Harrods is spewing out. And he stabs his residents in the back.

    Boy Marshall has no idea of how to represent his voters. Or maybe he is just too cynical to care and is out for himself at every turn, taking a leaf out of Pooters book. Two of a kind

  15. Residents should get rid of the Marshall menace. This would be a signal to Cllr Barkhorder that he needs to pull his finger out and start delivering on his election promises

  16. Don't hold your breath as far as Cllr Bark(without the bite)horder is concerned

  17. I have just found your web site and I do not recognise the problems you say there is. All three of my Councillors have been very helpful when I was dealing with an issue of planning in my street.

    David LeBoes

  18. I think if you read the blog you will see that it refers to the fact that none of the cllrs have done what they have committed to in regard to Harrods and the story seems to underline the cosy relationship that Marshall has with Harrods. Perhaps you might like to tell us what 'planning issue' you were assisted with.....

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CLLR MARSHALL CAUSES LADY GAGA FAN CHAOS":

    There is very little difference between the Leader using the Bentley to travel to Heathrow for his trips to New York and Cllr Marshall accepting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxto shake hands with Gaga

    This is the unacceptable face of K&C Conservatives

    Posted by Anonymous to FTHN: From the Hornets Nest at 11 October 2012 21:48

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