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Friday, 26 October 2012


Having thought he could unilaterally close down key fire stations Boris realised he was facing a deluge of public opposition so, furiously back pedalling, he got a minion to put this out!

"On Wednesday 17 October there were numerous reports in the media which purported to set out proposals for fire stations in London.  I am afraid that these reports misrepresented our current position.  I would like to try and clarify matters.

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority has been asked by the Mayor of London to examine the opportunity for reductions in the budget available to London Fire Brigade.  As part of that process, the Commissioner and the Chairman of LFEPA have been talking to the party Group Leaders on the Authority about the various ways in which that might be achieved.  There are many different options under consideration.

At a very early stage in discussions, papers prepared for consultation with senior members of the Authority have become public, and the specific content of these papers misrepresent where we are currently.  I regret this and I would like to apologise to you for this premature disclosure of work that is unfinished and which will almost inevitably change before it is completed.  At this stage the Authority is not considering making a firm decision on any of the options put forward.  The Commissioner has set out the attendance time impacts and deployment consequences of response time modelling, but has been absolutely clear with Authority Members that his work is not yet finished and that there are more considerations yet to be taken into account.

Before any decisions are made about fire stations in London there will be a full public consultation and I will ensure that you, and all other Members of Parliament representing London constituencies, are informed directly and not via the media, and I hope you will take part in that consultation


  1. Ha! Boris caught out by a well placed leak.

    None of us should be hoodwinked by the idea of "cuddly Boris". We are dealing with an utterly ruthless and driven politician. Determined to get his way and make personal progress to a degree not even imagined by Ken

  2. Another politician caught out by open Government

  3. Talking of open government I wonder if Boris knows all there is to know about the early 'diplomatic' career of Br'um Boy? I am sure he won't want any unwelcome shocks a la Savile. The Rotten Borough has a rather dirty reputation as far as some of it's cllrs are concerned...Phelps,Lamont, Daley.....

  4. So who is the Fourth Man?

  5. A new, big, job is on the cards for Brum Boy in K&C

  6. If he makes the move for Leadership all the dirt will come out....and there is a lot. This sort of blog will do him much damage

    1. It is an "appointment", not an election. The Dame is powerless......

    2. the Hornet and its drones are hinting that they know something about a Councillor that is dirty. Yet they are not prepared to say what or who - does that sound like the behavior of the lefties in the BBC Saville scandal

    3. Pointless to bring politics-left, right or centre into what is a concern over the the publicised issues of problems relating under age children and councillors. Stop being a dickhead. The rumours swirling around the Fourth Man are well known around Hornton Street and further afield.

    4. "rumours were swirling" around the BBC but no one did anything and let it go on for 40 years. This is the problem with the Guardian scum and the hornet.

  7. Not sure I agree....I suspect that a number of Conservative cllrs will be alarmed at the prospect of dirt being dug up on the guy: after all they have been very embarrassed by the issues of the three compromised cllrs. The last thing that intelligent cllrs will want is a leader with a great deal of baggage. If they are rational they will chose a safe pair of hands. The rumour is that people are digging around in SA to get documentary evidence

  8. If Br'um Boys is elected Leader it will send visitors to the Hornet soaring... everybody will want to read about the ructions Br'um Boy will create. It will Pooter look innocuous!!!

  9. Pointless to bring politics-left, right or centre into what is a concern over the the publicised issues of problems relating under age children and councillors. Stop being a dickhead. The rumours swirling around the Fourth Man are well known around Hornton Street and further afield.

  10. Person Familiar With The Situation28 October 2012 at 22:26

    Brum Boy is not in the frame for Leader. Something else.

  11. Moylan is pining for K&C because he is way out of his comfort zone at the GLA. Stakeholders, staff and colleagues there are not prepared to put up with his rudeness and bullying and Boris has had to reduce his brief and effectively take him out of circulation. Brum Boy is reduced to an "airport thinking role" which is so overcrowded that our bird will eventually fly up his own behind. So he craves a return to Hornton Street where he can resume his bullying of Officers and colleagues and his thoroughly obnoxious behaviour. Unfortunately the hopeless Cockell was too weak before to stamp on this horrible conduct and seems inclined again to indulge the reptile. When will the pathetic Tory Councillors get rid of Pooter?

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