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Thursday, 25 October 2012


Town Hall lackeys find it increasingly difficult to satisfy the ever weirder demands of the Leader, Pooter Cockell.

Fitzpatrick of PR bears the brunt of Pooter's obsession with self image. When a national newspaper or Private Eye publishes hilarious stories about Pooter's escapades Fitzgerald is called to Pooter's eyrie on top of the Town Hall. Once there he receives a terrific bollocking.
Pooter is now beginning to bore all who will listen-or cannot escape-of his concern for his 'legacy.'....
Yet another Pooter obsession is the ever growing and all encompassing readership of the Hornet.
He has now discovered the Hornet is avidly read by Council staff: attempts to prevent staff reading it have failed abysmally.

Desperately Fitzpatrick gathered his top team for a brainstorm on ways to 're-engineer' Pooter's laughing stock image amongst staff and councillors. 
One go-getter came up with an idea ticking all the boxes....even Kim Jong Un's Propaganda Unit would be proud to 'own' it.....
Why not pretend Pooter helped win Gold Medals?" suggested the mischievous Unit member.
So now  those entering the Town Hall lift come face to face with a overweight Pooter pretending that he had something to do with all those medals. 
The Dail Mail had a very different take awarding him a Gold for hypocrisy! Read what they said about Pooter's Olympian hypocrisy...what an Olympian twit!

As that lover of images of young boys, disgraced ex Mayor Phelps... and Pooter friend, was wont to say, “You could not make it up”!


  1. This has to be a wind up

  2. Interesting considering he was on holiday during the Olympics. I think a lot of the staff have forgotten what he looks like, he spends so little time at the Town Hall now, so this is a very useful reminder for them.

  3. Pathetic little demigod. All the characteristics of the tinpot Dictator that he has become. Every single Councillor and Town Hall employee diminished by association with this self indulgent and ego driven public servant

  4. Corruption at its most sinister

  5. get a life hornet this is the kind of thing you will see in most local authorities.

    1. That does not make it any less pathetic!

    2. 21:27
      The Dame is pleased to tell you that she has many and varied lives-unlike one or two of our councillors who seem to have rather murky 'double lives....
      As part of her efforts to purify the site she is banning dreary bores like you using ghastly Americanisms-such as your admonition to 'get a life'.
      Others, equally dull and meaningless, will also be banished.They include...'Ad hominen attacks'/Move on/
      reach out/Get over it/What part of...../ and a fave of 'double lifer' Feilding Mellen...'let's celebrate cultural diversity.'

  6. It is time the Dame looked at the paedo ring that seems to have been operating in Hornton names Dame

  7. 21:47 instead of creeping up the fat backside of the repulsive Pooter perhaps you should admit was attempting to bathe in the reflected glory of the Olympics...and considering he left London during that event his hypocrisy stinks. Sounds like you need to get a life separate from crawling to this greedy little man

  8. Self seekers like Cockell take every opportunity to jump on any bandwagon and attempt to grasp some reflected glory. It diminishes them, their Office, their Party, and their Borough. This is the original "little man" syndrome. Pathetic. And indicative of the mindset that allows him to creep off in "private" to New York and spend council tax on entertaining his friends at top restaurants.

  9. Grasping little bounder

  10. Lack of breeding. You could not invite this person to dinner

  11. I have heard about talentless people hanging onto talented people's coat tails but Sir Merrick who belongs to the former bracket comes across as utterly pathetic. Sir Merrick has never played sport in his life!

  12. Does he look like someone who could win a gold medal?

    I thought not.


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