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Thursday, 20 June 2019


Five days ago the Dame contacted the leader, deputy leader and CE raising the serious issue of gang-driven illegal subletting in the Royal Borough. She has not had the courtesy of a much for listening to us residents-even the old Dame with her thousands of daily unique views!

Campbell and Taylor-Smith
What happens is this. The gangs pretend to be legitimate long term tenants and use bogus documentation to obtain tenancies. 
Immediately, the gang lets the property on Airbnb and other sites causing massive disruption, violence, and noise to other residents.

It takes months and tens of thousands of pounds to regain possession and in the interim no rent can be taken and block insurance is invalidated.

On the day possession is granted the 'tenant' disappears leaving a trail of unpaid utility bills...and this should interest our leader....substantial amounts of council tax written off.

But worse are threats of physical violence are made and carried out against those who complain.

This council has form for ignoring danger signals leading to terrible tragedies. 
It seems by ignoring the warning Cllrs Campbell and Taylor-Smith thinks the problem will go away: it won''s a clear and present danger to residents.

Someone is going to get hurt by ignoring this mass criminal activity.
One assumes Taylor-Smith is too busy polishing his classic Ferrari and readying himself to become our MP to waste much time on such matters!

"Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose" 
the Dame's governess would say


  1. This 'we are going to listen to residents' did not last long!

  2. If what the Dame claims is true the Hornet is the source of news on RBKC affairs. They have just spent millions on PR and ignore the major Borough media outlet....daft

  3. KTS an MP - ha ha - absolute piffle, RBKC track record as deputy shows he is absolutely NOT up to the job. He needs a permanent bag carrier!


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