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Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Here's a picture of Pooter Corbyn(yes, he does look like old Steptoe) 'supporting' Richard Radcliffe in his hunger strike outside the Iranian Embassy.

Can this be the same 'useful idiot' who took around £20,000 from the mad mullahs for appearances on Iran state television? HYPOCRITE

At the same time, Pooter made these appearances he was aware this quasi-dictatorship allowed the stoning to death of women-the strangulation by hanging from cranes of gay people and the torture of human rights protestors.
The strangulation generally takes quite a few minutes.

A particular specialty of this hideous regime was this.
Women of sixteen or so would be allowed to keep their babies until the day of their execution-their eighteenth birthday.
On the morning of the execution, the guards would drag the baby from its mother's arms and take the mother screaming in anguish to the hanging chamber where she would be suspended until dead.

This is the regime that has been supported by Corbyn and Livingstone.
How civilised Labour supporters can be led by this cretin is 'incroyable'!


  1. How can people like Judith and Robert follow this dimwit.

  2. Corbyn and co love violent terrorists and countries like Iran who sponsor them


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