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Monday, 4 February 2019


Shaun Bailey wants to become Mayor of London to replace the equally hopeless and hapless Khan.
Not long ago, the Dame wrote to Bailey suggesting he ask Khan to forbid black cabs and licensed taxis from running their engines whilst queuing and waiting for fares: a fairly obvious way to cut pollution as taxi engines are massive polluters.

Bailey never bothered to reply...

This is a measure of this idiot's attitude to those paying him his £80,000 plus allowance.

But, for those wanting further proof of his doltish behaviour just click HER
So embarrassing!

The Conservative Party has truly lost its way if it thinks it can put this clown up to fight the Kensington seat.


  1. Nothing like quoting the Daily Mirror.... not the most advance types of life read that, except maybe the odd Labour councillor who had decided the the Guardian was too right wing.

  2. Mr. Bailey, is that the best defence you can make for the fool you made of yourself on the Ridge programme?
    Your Mayoral Campaign proves the only role you might be competent to perform is that of parish councillor. And even then you should not open up your over large mouth from which only pour inanities!

  3. The dame is clearly trying to knock down any serious alternative to Khan. Who is the worst London mayor so far

    1. Bailey should never have been selected...a dismal, dreary and uninspired choice to represent a global super-city

    2. I do not know who Justin downes is but I will bet he / she never put their name forward for consideration

    3. That comment must win a trophy for the most dimwitted!
      Like Bailey I would be totally ill-equipped to perform as mayor.
      The subtle difference is that I am aware of my deficiency in that respect: Shaun Bailey is oblivious to it!

    4. 18:22:- It is very sad, to think that this dreary man could be a SERIOUS ALTERNATIVE... to what/whom? I am just wondering how many other Tories were put forward for selection?

  4. Terrible name for a young lad, just - in , Not the kind of thing you want to hear from a girlfriend

  5. 16:36. you sound a bit weird!! Are you ok?

  6. What a ridiculous prat. No wonder the stupid Conservatives in Kensington engage with him.


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